Monday, November 12, 2007


Lindsey and I are huge fans of the restaurant Gyu-Kaku. If you haven't been, run to your nearest one. Gyu is a Japanese BBQ place, the kind where you have a grill at your table and cook your own food. Yummy.

Two things that Gyu has that drive both of us craving more? The salad dressing and this one dipping sauce. I'm not exactly sure what the dipping sauce is called. The website refers to it as their Sweet and Spicy sauce, but I just called it the world's best sauce...and that's saying a lot. The salad dressing is also tops, it's a miso mustard dressing. So delicious.

Lindsey and I went to Gyu on Saturday night, the problem was we didn't want to eat there. In retrospect, this was a really dumb idea, (Lindsey still defends it by the way). You have to eat there because, duh, you have to cook your food there, but we weren't really digging that. Our decision was to cook the food quickly, pack it to go and leave. I can't explain to you why we were so adamant about doing this, but we were.

So, we made it to Gyu at 5:30 at night. We had to wait about a half hour to get seated. We stood outside of the restaurant waiting for a table when I reached into my purse, took a bottled Diet Coke I had from earlier in the day and started drinking it. This was when Lindsey let me know that I better drink the whole thing up really quickly, because she was going to be needing it in a few moments. For what?

Smuggling sauce.

She wanted to put their delicious sauce in the Diet Coke bottle so she could have the sauce at home for future cravings.

When we were seated, Lindsey got up with my Coke bottle, went to the ladies room, washed the bottle out and came back to the table. It was on!

This was not the easiest task in the world, considering the waitress was totally creeped out by us and was keeping close watch. We kept asking for more salad dressing. We kept cooking our food and setting it aside. We kept asking for refills of the sauce even though we weren't eating and finally, it's basically impossible to go through one of their jars in one meal.
This whole process took about 2 hours...we should have just eaten there.

I'm proud to say we got out of there without anyone asking us about it. I know this doesn't mean they didn't know, but it makes us feel better. And I think the worst part about it is that I was so overcome with jealously that Lindsey got to have that sauce at home that I am now forcing her to go back so we can smuggle more sauce.

Sadly, this trend is just beginning...because we're sauce whores.

Friday, November 09, 2007



We haven't written anything in quite a long time, and we were wondering if there are people out there in cyberland who still check into this blog. Let us know if you are out there and if you are still interested in reading about the fat life. To answer some oddball rumors that have come to our attention during our sabbatical: We are still alive. We are real people. We are both women in our 20's. We are not a fraternity hoax. And most importantly, we are still really really fat.

And by the way, we just have to send a shout out to gmail because when we sent this post to one another via gmail, the sponsored ad was: Are you fat? Take the Fat Quiz!