Friday, March 31, 2006

Save Jarrid!!! (No, not the Subway guy)

I am one of those creepy people who wants to own a dog that is so small that he fits comfortably in a tea cup (like the fluffball to the left). Of course, I am not really at a point on my life that owning a dog should come to fruition, so I make due by visiting websites where cute tiny dogs are featured...and then I torture my friends by sending them emails with picture attachments proclaiming that "I have officially found the cutest puppy ever"! I find the "cutest puppy ever" about twice a week.

So, I am a regular on a site called DivaPup, and it has come to my attention that there is some size discrimination going on here, and I am hoping that one of our readers might take it upon his/her self to stop the sadness. Most of the puppies featured on this site are either "tiny", "teacup". "toy", or "micro-mini", and generally the smaller they are the more money they sell for. I have already admitted that I am one of those people that want a supper tiny puppy, but it's mostly because I live in a super tiny New York City apartment, and I just don't have the room for a bigger dog.

There is a part of the website that is devoted to "special priced" dogs, and it is this page I call your attention to because there lives Jarrid (the cutey to the right). Jarrid is a puppy who has been on the site for a while, and who has been relegated to the special priced section. He is really cute and looks very sweet, but he is bigger then the other puppies, and subsequently hasn't been sold. Seriously, Jarrid has been on the website for longer then any other puppy they have.

If anyone is interested in buying a dog and lives on the East Coast (or doesn't mind paying for humane shipping), PLEASE consider taking a look at Jarrid (scroll all the way down, he's the last puppy on the special prices page) and taking him home with you. He deserves a good shouldn't matter that he's bigger then his brothers and sisters, should it?

Seeing Jarrid on the site tonight almost made me cry. For reals. I get really emotional about puppies. If I had the room and the time right now I would love to own him, but I don't, so please spread the word and let's find Jarrid a home!

Thursday, March 30, 2006


There is a girl who attends my school who is either suffering from the most severe case of anorexia I have ever seen, or who has another form of illness. I have no idea what is wrong with her, but it is clear that all is not well in her physical life. And truth be told, I am obsessed with her...Yes, that sounds cruel and rude and hypocritical, but we here at Fatty McBlog aim at being honest, even if we sound like jerks, because sometimes the truth is rude and cruel and hypocritical.

Like I said, I am obsessed with her. She cannot weigh more then 75 lbs on a 5'6 frame. And believe me when I tell you that 75 lbs is on the high end of her possible weight. I watch her every time she walks past me. I constantly expect her to just fall over, unable to support herself or the heavy books she is carrying. And it's not just me...when she walks by it's like all conversation comes to a stop. Everyone stares at her and comments after she passes. I keep wondering if she is anorexic or has another illness because I have a feeling that her parents or doctor or friends would stop her from being in my very rigorous graduate program if she were so severely anorexic.

I feel so lame staring at her because it is the exact same thing that I feel is often happening to me: People staring because of my weight. But in this day and age, everyone is sort of used to what a fat girl looks like while, and I am willing to bet, most people aren't used to seeing anyone who is as emaciated as this girl is. Think Nicole Richie at her twiggiest minus 20 lbs. Her thigh is purely femur. Her arms are the most delicate twigs. Her face is skeletal.

Now, I have never actually spoken to her or had any contact of any kind. We have never shared an elevator or smiled at each other in the hallway.I am scared of her. And no, not because she is ill or tiny or anything like that. I am scared of her because if she is anorexic, then I shudder to think of what she thinks of me. I must look like a huge mound of quivering flesh to her, complete with rolls and chins and handles. I must be her worst nightmare. What if she looks at me and thinks to herself, “Thank god I don't look like that!”I know in reality she probably has enough on her mind that she never gives me a second thought, but still, I don't like to be in her direct line of vision. And that worked well enough ... until this afternoon...

I saw my friend Ana who recently had a baby (Super cute baby Milo!) and has since transferred into night classes. I hadn't seen her all semester, so I waited by the cash register until she was done buying her lunch. So, I’m standing there and Ana is getting her change and suddenly ...DISASTER!!!!

I somehow managed to knock the 75 lbs girl into a huge rack of chips sending her flying and causing her and a lovely assortment of Doritos, Cheetos, and Sun Chips to fall to the ground!!! I think she walked into my purse as I was adjusting my body and the force was enough to push her over and into a huge pile of calories!

What I imagine in my mind is that she was staring at this rack of chips, on the verge of buying a bag, asking for a sign not to fall to temptation and then a big fat girl (me) gives her a huge sign by knocking her into the rack. What if, at that moment, she was going to start eating again and I ruined that for her?

She looked stunned for a few second, but then she managed to get up and sort of stood there while I stammered my apologies, but all I could think about was that I (the fat girl) had just pushed a possible anorexic skeleton into a wall of chips! Serious mortification!

Tuesday, March 28, 2006


It's strange, but every so often on this blog we find the need to re-explain our viewpoint on Fat. It seems amost as if you are either pro-fat and or pro-diet, and that there isn't any room for other viewpoints. Well, we don't think that is that case. Big Fat Blog wrote about us yeasterday and we consequently have a lot more readers today, so thanks Big Fat Blog! We love new readers! So, for you new readers out there I have included below a comment I made on the Big Fat Blog site. I hope it clears up some of the confusion about our site and that many of you keep on reading...

I am writing this comment in response to Paul's comment that, "Fatty McBlog probably won't be seen by a large number of people here as totally pro-fat". Now that may be true, we probably aren't "pro-fat" in a conventional sense, but what we are are two fat girls who have varied and complex feelings about our size, and our postings reflect that. We are not always happy about being 100 lbs+ overweight. We get our feelings hurt and have shitty encounters with other members of this society, and lots of the time we wish we were not as large.

That being said, we also realize that we have no choice but to embrace our lives and live fully as fat women. So, while that might not make us "pro-fat" in some people's eyes, I have to say that what "pro-fat" means necessarily must be defined by each person individually. After all, the opposite of pro-life is not pro-death, it is pro-choice. We choose how to navigate this world as fat women, and try to write a blog that shows our truths including things that are funny, quirky, depressing, sad, banal, and confusing.

Monday, March 27, 2006

A Fatastical Experiment ... Would You Ever?

We here at Fatty McBlog occasionally like to embark on pseudo-scientific experiments to see if we can shed some light on living life as a fat girl. Obviously there is much emphasis on the word pseudo...

We posted an ad on New York's Craigslist which asked men to respond about their feelings regarding dating a fat woman.

Our ad, entitled Would You Ever? said: "Would you ever date a fat girl? What if she were "perfect" in every other way except she carries a lot of extra weight? What if she were intelligent and funny and interesting and pretty and had a great job, but she was a bbw (and not just a little chubby)? Would you ever consider dating her? Would you rather date someone really ugly or really fat? If you wouldn't date a fat girl, please include your reasons. I am interested in this topic since an overweight friend of mine recently told me that none of the men she knows treat her like a "woman" aka they don't find her attractive and none of them ever think of her in a romantic way. Please send me your honest responses. Thanks! "

I found that many people will be more honest in this medium because it is sort of anonymous and you can respond with what you really think without any repercussions. I think the answers we received are interesting because I am fascinated with how people think about the overweight in this society. And it's sort of shocking how many people responded to this ad in the first few minutes of it being up...I guess there are a lot of men who want to weigh in on the subject.

These are some of the responses we have received, hope they are enlightening (about how men who read CL ads view fat women) or at least entertaining (I didn't correct any grammer or spelling mistakes):

- because fat girls are ugly?

- to me, it's un-attractive and indicates a hellava lot of selfish,self centered type of behavior.

- well sweetie there are men you are chubby chasers and enjoy a cubby woman , But theres also and its the majority of men who feel cubby/fat women are like a motor scooter they 're fun to ride till your friends see you on one :) horrible I know but come on you did chuckle enjoy and keep smiling !

- I have dated an overweight girl. I have dated an ugly girl. It wasn't that bad. The ugly thing, that's just skin deep. However, the overweight thing is a matter of health.

- Well I would get a nice Blow job from her cause I know that she givesreally good head.....But not date her ........Maybe take her home froma bar and let her do it!!

- maybe b/c when she takes her clothes off and we see all he cellulite dripping from her bod it will make us throw up. and if your desperate enough to put up with that then we would never want her to be seen by our friends and family who might think she is gross too......thats my honest opinion

- uhhmm, I think you know the answer to this one. Why don't you date short guys? There has to be some physical, sexual attraction. I think you're wrong anyway. Some guys see fat girls as an easy score.

- Sexuality and attraction go hand in hand with dating. Someone who is perfect in every way, except for being visually and sexually appealing, would make a wonderful friend. But, since I am not in the least bit attracted to seriously overweight women, I would never date one.

- Attraction is not a choice..

- thats because the men she knows are very chidish,there is nothing wrong with a fat woman is the person inside that matters. life is to short to judge people on the way they look is pretty sad if you ask me.

- i would definitely date a fat girl not as easily as an ugly girl. i think people do give characteristics (non physical) a big role, sometimes the 'big momma' complex, the more cushion for the pushin, yet for being ugly (which is harsh to say) is definitely becoming the 'new' discrimination. deep down inside i think all men have even fantasized about a fat girl...look a the fetish world there is even a fat XXX mag out there...

- Hey there, I love BBW’s if they have a cute face and proportional weight distribution. Tell your friend that there are events exclusively for BBW’s and men that love them all over the city, just search the internet.

- I've dated fat girls but there are some issues.. they are too overweight or out of shape to make love with and that them being fatis not the issue but it's a reflection of themselves (unable to takecare of themselves, etc.) One of the ones I've gone out with had amessy apt, never cleaned the coffee maker... that kind of thing (I rarely see it with thin girls)

- I’ve always looked beyond the exterior and dated the person, not the body.

- It's the friend complex. You want your friends to think yourgirlfriend is hot or cute. Would you date a guy if all your friendstold you he was ugly? You might, but it would definitely put someunwanted strain on things right? I dated a larger girl once and yeahmy friends cracked jokes, but that's not why I ended it.Now, personally I like to work out and take care of myself, so I'd liketo date a girl who does the same. It's a common interest thing. I'dwant to do active things with the girl I date. It's the same reasonwhy I won't date someone who's supermodel-thin but won't do anythingbecause she might break a nail.

- cuz chubby girls stink down there

- hmm all pussy tastes the same i date both

- It's a simple matter of attraction - 98% of guys are not attracted to big women. You can't deny men love hot chicks...

- I'm 23 and for me it doesn't really make much of a difference. I'll date any kind of girl if we get along. For guys in general, they want to keep their image in check. They can't be seen dating a "fat" chick because he'll be abused to no end by his friends. Besides that, the "fat" chick doesn't fit the general stereotype of what kind of girls guys like. Hopefully that helped out. Anything further you'd like to know, feel free to email me.

- they are insecure and they give off that vibe soon as a thin attractive women comes into the room. Fat girls always assume we are comparing looks and shit. We (men)don't compare, that is down right shitty and not cool, no one like to be compared to an one else. most fat girls are warm fun and even attractive when you get past the whole insecurity thing.

- why don't women date short guys? usually, tall is the first thing they mention in their list of qualifications -- tall, dark and handsome. statistically, there just aren't enough tall guys to meet all that demand. women might be able to get slimmer, but guys can never get taller... those are the breaks.

- I would date any type of girl as long as she can stimulate my mind and there has to be chemistry. Looks wise, I’ve dated almost every kind of girl there is. I am really leaning more toward genuine people who can carry a conversation.

- honestly i would not date a fat girleven if she is 23even though im in my late 40sbecause her being fat demonstrates that she doesnt respect herselfand if she doesnt respect herself, i know that down the road that she wont respect meand second, it just isnt attractive from an evolutionary standpoint...the fat people move slower and are more sedentary and more likely to be attacked and injuredwhich is why there is a very natural aversion to fat or women...women might have it harder because men are attracted to the hourglass figure..which gets them turned on..whereas women are more likely to accepta heavier man since they look more for security and power and money which even a fat man can advice is for her to get off her fat ass, dont expect men or quality men to want to walk with her on the street or even in private if she doesnt start to respect herself...its easy..put on her sweats..and do cardio...30 or 40min..once or even twice a 3 normal meals and 3 snacks...DONT EAT JUNK FOOD DONT EAT JUNK FOOD..the last thing a man or woman can stand is looking at a fat man or woman is not PRETTY!

- Well I think every man is different and exactly howfat is fat? Some guys think its 130lbs and some thinkits 190lbs. But pretty much if you are over 220 thenthat is defiantly fat!Now most foreign men for the Middle East like theirwomen bigger, some black guys too especially blackguys form Africa, so may be if you know what you arelooking for it will make it easier to find.

- I would so date a big girl. I would rather datesomeone who is big with flesh on their bones and softcurvy corners than date someone who is skinny. Now ifyour are 5 7 and 150 lbs you are skinny for me. I would date someone who is cute and verychubby over someone cute and thin. Infact I have neverdated anyone who is thin or skinny. I am simply notattracted to them. I believe bigger girls have more to offer. Lol..

- I would and have dated girls who are bbw's, above avg, are more well roundedthan most. Though it's hard to find one that can balance sex appeal andconfidence with all the other beautiful traits they possess.Most were intelligent, funny, interesting, pretty, had a great job, greatlovers, and great to be with...but most also lacked confidence, did notcarry themselves as high as they could, always said but made no efforts tobetter themselves even with my help and motivation. In short they lacked sexappeal. A woman is a woman, but unless she feels like a woman most men will nottreat her like one. Do it for yourself first, then when you find someonethat can and will appreciate you for you, be a woman to that man. Theromance will follow.

- I just recently met a woman who responded to my ad on CL. The first time I called her we wound up talking for over three hours.The next day when I met her to go to a dinner party with her I met a very pretty,and cute woman.She is very well rounded,and I've never been with a woman as such.But,to tell you the truth I already like her very much.And her roundness does'nt make me like her any less.In fact I feel it would be very comfortable sleeping with her.
I may not be like most guys,but to me a persons personality is what makes a person beautiful.
Have a wounderful day.

- First, many men may find your friend unattractive...and that's okay. However, she really only needs to find one man (I assume) who will dig her. I'd offer that her perception might be skewed a bit by her own self esteem. Personally, a woman either is sexy and charismatic or she's not.If she's funny and she's good in bed...there are ALWAYS quality guys (not assholes) who will want to get to know her.I am not a physically attractive man. I'm tall with broad shoulders and built like a football lineman. However, I have small chin and my face is, well...I'm no Brad Pitt. Plus a 4.5" dick. However, I REALLY like women. I like everything about them...and it shows. It's all about confidence.Are there women who will stop dating me because I have a small dick? Sure. Just like there are guys who won't date a fat chick. I'm VERY good with my tongue and I'm sure your friend has talent and assets that make her attractive.For a long term relationship...I would have concerns about her health and mobility.

- Because it's repulsive. "Really" ugly is also repulsive. But, there's more latitude as to face than as to obesity. Obese is obese, flab is flab, girth is girth, -- even in the dark it's repulsive.
... and in 99% of the cases, it's voluntary. A woman has little control over her face, but she can take care of her weight -- diet, exercise, etc. So, if she's really fat, she doesn't care about her health or appearance, or pleasing her boyfriend. She stuffs her mouth to satisfy some neurotic desire other than normal hunger for food and nutrition. So. it goes to issues of character too -- the fat girl has a character defect. Of course men are excited by the visual and the svelte woman is more beautiful. But, it's not just that a woman in the normal weight range excites more lust.

- no

So, there it is, the responses we received in a little over 45 minutes on Craigslist. I had to take it down because this post is really really long (our longest ever!). What do you guys think about what they had to say? Were you surprised, amused, saddened, or could you care less?

Thursday, March 23, 2006

Type Cast

So, lately, along with Lost, I've sort of been really into Gilmore Girls. Okay, I've been super into it. So much, that I locked myself in my room with a cheeseburger, french fries and season five one glorious Sunday. It was wonderful. For a girl who feels horribly guilty if she doesn't leave the house at least once a day, this was monumental. So, on Monday I was on Gilmore Girl withdrawal. I couldn't concentrate at work, all I wanted to do was get into bed and watch my girls.

Besides periodically writing posts for the blog, I also email back and forth with Laura constantly at work. Laura is my 5'11 125lb friend that I can't get rid of because well, we've been friends forever. We usually fight a lot about dumb stuff like, how I don't care what she ate that day, (2 carrots and an apple), and how I'm not going to weigh in on whether or not she should go to the gym that day. So, I try to keep the conversation light. And, what better light conversation is there than discussing Gilmore Girls?

So, the email conversation rolled on quite nicely, until, acting like we were 13, I told her I would be Rory (the main, tiny character) and she could be anyone else. This would just not do for Laura. She said that she was more like Rory and I could be...SOOKIE!

Sookie is an awesome character. In reality, I'd totally love to be Sookie. She's a master cook, married, has two babies and lives in Stars Hollow. Sounds awesome to me. But, I don' t think that's why Laura said I could be Sookie. She said I could be Sookie, because, well, Sookie is Fat. Rory is thin and Sookie is fat and how could I be Rory if I'm fat as well?

I don't want to be an actress, but I now know that I can only be cast as the fat best friend.

Wednesday, March 22, 2006

Scaredy Fat

While catching up on some missed television, I came to the conclusion that being fat might kill me in more ways than the usual coronary, I can be killed because I'm too fat to out run a killer or fit through a tiny hole after an avalanche.

I know that the two things I just mentioned are probably the least of my concerns, but I can't stop thinking about what would happen if there was some sort of natural disaster and Darwin's theories pop into place. This life is simply survival of the fittest and well, I'm not exactly at my physical peak.

Lindsey has me watching the first season of Lost, which I'm enjoying and trying to get through at a nice pace. In one scene, a cave some people were sitting in collapses and they're trapped. The other people dig a tiny hole and they're rescued. But, I couldn't fit through that tiny hole. I'd die.

Also, let's say I was being attacked and had to out run my killer. There is no way in hell that I would be able to do so. I imagine myself running as fast as I could for about maybe 4 minutes and then just turning to the guy and telling him to just do what he has to do because I just can't run anymore...I also couldn't hide in any small spaces to avoid my attacker.

I know this all sounds dumb, but it's weighing heavy on my mind (get it, weighing heavy).

Thursday, March 16, 2006

Reverse Q&A

Lindsey and I were on the phone for 4 hours last night, (totally cutting into my Gilmore Girl Tivo'd marathon by the way), and we were discussing the possibility, as best buddies, to get gastric bypass together.

Lindsey is all about it. I'm, on the other hand, really nervous and unsure. I mean, it's a big deal. And the thought of becoming less fat, is really scary to me. Being fat is safe. It's also an excuse to not live the life I would be living if I were thinner. I'm all about comfort and boy, being fat is certainly a comfortable state to be in psychologically.

"But", I asked Lindsey, "exactly how do we go about getting the surgery with insurance and all?"

She didn't know the answer and thus, I'm writing this to all of you, our readers, who have had gastric bypass or the lap band to chime and let us know what the hell is up with it. I mean, before we go to the Dr. and ask, we thought we'd go to you.

Questions we have:

What's the first step in getting GBP/LB?
What about insurance?
What about long does it take to feel better?
How much is it?
What about the after effects, is it dangerous?
What's your eating routine afterwards?
We have a relationship with food, what happens when that relationship is severed?
And anything else you think we should know...

Curious minds want to know...cough it up!

Wednesday, March 15, 2006

My Jolene's

I don't know if I've written about this before, I probably have, but I'm also too tired to take a look back. But, If I'm willing to write about it again, you must know how serious I am about this. I'm talking about skinny women and fat men. Nothing angers me more.

Now, I know I should have a better attitude about the whole thing, but I can't stop thinking about how angry it makes me. So, no comments about a better attitude, or how I need an attitude adjustment. Yes, I do...I know this.

As most of you know, I'm attracted to fat men. I'd be attracted to them even if I were skinny, which is sort of hypocritical, but I'm not skinny so it's not a issue.

It just really seems to bother me. I don't think fat people should only date fat people, because I don't have a problem when a fat girl dates a skinny guy, but I find myself very hot headed over the sight of a skinny girl/ fat man combo.

For the most part, I'm upset because I feel that fatter men are, mostly, more accepting of dating larger girls (probably not true, but it's sounding good in my crazy head right now). So, if these skinny mini's are cutting into my man pool, well, that's just less Jewish fat men for me, and that's just not going to fly.

Also, skinny women already get to wear better clothes, they don't have to deal with the ins and outs of being fat and can eat a burger without totally feeling guilty, so why should they be able to snag my fat men?

I probably sound very irrational right now and Lindsey will probably read this and call me and ask me if I've gone crazy, but I just had to get it off of my chest.

If you're skinny and reading this, I have nothing against you per-say, just don't be all Jolene about it. And, if you don't know who Jolene is, refer to your Dolly Parton...I'm pretty sure she's talking about skinny women and fat men...well, at least in my head she is.

Friday, March 10, 2006

The heat is on!

I stepped out of my building today and was shocked to find that overnight NYC went from a winter wonderland to some sort of muggy warmish purgatory. Seriously, the change in weather made my inherent fear of summer heat come out of it's winter slumber! I plan for months what I will wear when the weather is nice and the thin girls are wearing their tank tops, but I wasn't ready to feel the heat so early this year... I am wearing a huge wool coat and sweating my ass of in it today!

And please, no comments about how I can wear tank tops even though I am fat ... I am attached to my arms and have to occasionally look at them, and I'll tell you right now that they are not ready for short sleeves!

Isn't winter weather supposed to last until May in New York City?

So, in conclusion, President Bush, global warming is real, it's queer, get used to it!

Wednesday, March 08, 2006


I'm a little bit upset at Lindsey. She really didn't do anything wrong per-say, but, if you ask me, she's disappointing me. Why? Because she's not Oprah.

I don't Tivo Oprah on a daily basis, but I saw that she had a show coming up in which she sent her BFF (that's best friend forever), all over America to find the country's best hamburger, so I pressed record faster than I can walk. If there is one thing to be said about me, it's this:

Hamburgers, (Cheeseburgers really), and french fries are my favorite meal in the world. Living in Los Angeles, I've been to some of the best restaurants in the country, (Mmm....Mastros), but I've got to tell you, cheeseburgers and french fries are number 1 in my heart.

So, back to why I need a new best friend...Oprah sends Gayle, her BFF, all over the country with GQ Magazine's Top 20 Hamburgers in America and basically pays for her to travel and eat hamburgers. The closest Lindsey and I have come to that was when she offered to pay the tip if I ran down three flights of stairs to get the sushi we ordered for delivery. Sadly, only two of the top twenty burgers are in my area, so that leaves 18 hamburgers that I will almost never know the glory of...why? Because Lindsey isn't Oprah, and therefore can't afford to fly me on her private jet to eat delicious burgers.

I'm not really angry at Lindsey...but seriously, if Oprah every tires of Gayle and needs a new BFF, I'm totally going to audition for the role and then tell her a good subject for her show would be Emily's search for the best food in the country.

Thursday, March 02, 2006

The Real Fat World

Ever since I was 10 years old, I have wanted to join the cast of MTV's The Real World. But, I can't. And, it's not even because I'm too old now (seriously, how did that happen?). The reason I could never be on The Real World is because I'm fat.

Besides Heather B. from NY and Sharon from London, can you name a fat, white girl on The Real World? Yeah, I didn't think so.

The new cast proves no different. I saw the season premiere of The Real World: Key West last night and not only do they not have fat people, but they've gone as far as to put an anorexic/bulimic girl on the show. Now, it was enjoyable to see this anorexic girl be told that he breasts were like mosquito bites and that she should gain a few pounds from her new roommates, but, for the next Real World I think it would be hilarious if they threw a couple fatties into the mix.

I'll set the scenario up for you:

This would be the story, of 7 strangers, picked to live in a house and have their lives taped, to find out what happens, when people stop being polite and start eating.

If I were producing this show I think it would be hilarious to get 3 "MTV style gorgeous hunks" and then watch them as they go to this beautiful mansion where they think the hottest girls will be their roommates only to find out that they've cast 4 fat girls. The shock and horror on these boys' face would be enough for me to rate that the best Real World in MTV's history.

The excitement in the house would never end, not with such topics as:

"Who ate my peanut butter?"
"Who broke the chair?"
"My roommates are such dirty, literally"
"Let's skip the clubs and go to Denny's"
And finally,
"Who broke the other chair?"

Since I'm not too old for the Amazing Race, maybe Lindsey and I will try out for that. Then you guys could see that instead of completing challenges, they would show Lindsey and I in our hotel room beds, ordering room service saying we'll catch up tomorrow.