Wednesday, October 19, 2005

The Poop Routine

So, every time I go to the bathroom, either to pee or drop a deuce, I sit there and squeeze my pannus. I can't help it. I do it every single time. Even when I'm not at home. I don't know what it's accomplishing, but I can't get enough of it. It's fits so perfectly in my grip. Then I flip it over to see the under-workings of my pannus. Then I look at the top again. I don't do this with my upper pannus.

My conclusion...I love my pannus. I mean, what do skinny people on the toilet do?


hopefulloser said...

Phew, the gazillion times I've refreshed the broser worked! A new post has appeared :-)

I HAVE NO IDEA! I love playing with mine too! Since I lost some weight it's gotten more flexible and MORE FUN! It's like pizza dough and I love kneading (sp?) it. Some day I will probably have it removed, especially when I've hit goal and stuck there a while. But for now i'm enjoying it.

Michelle said...

OMG! I totally do that too! Then I debate what to do about the odd hairs going up to my navel - tweeze? wax? go au naturel?

Genevieve said...

I'm a big girl - and prob have a pannus too - but wtf is it?

Anonymous said...

I do too! I love the soft texture of the stretchmarks on the underside. I trace the ripples with my index finger. I like to play with it when I am at my computer at home. Sometimes I forget myself and fondle it at work!

Anonymous said...

The idea of kneading one's pannus like pizza dough - while taking a dump, nonetheless - is awfully disturbing. I'm a quick dooker, myself - but for extended visits, I may read or do a crossword puzzle. No self-stimulation here.

mainja said...

yep, i check out my panus too. my theory is that it's a well lit area with nothing else to distract you. i'm particularily with michelle on this one, i am usually checking out those hairs and deciding how to deal with them.

MidknytOwl said...

Okay, what's a pannus?

I looked it up on and it told me it was a membrane of tissue that cover the cartilage on rhematoid arthritis or the cornea...but I don't think that's what your talking about.

Want to fill me in?

Anonymous said...

I totally squeeze my pannus on the john.

I used to call it my "awning" since it gives shade to my pubic area, and I called the upper pannus "The Big Sloppy" after this sandwich at Nathan's. But I like pannus so much better. It's less judgemental than "the Big Sloppy".

I squeeze my lower pannus way more than my upper one. The upper one is pretty hard and unflexible. I think I'm packed to capacity with fat there.

The lower pannus is definitely more doughy. I shave it so I don't worry about hairs.

Anonymous said...

I thought my younger brother was the only person in the world who used the expression "drop a deuce." I stand corrected!

Ducky said...

My favorite expression for it is "dropping the kids off at the pool".

Marly said...

I flip through issues of Connecticut Cottage Living and PC Gamer, because I would never read them in public.

:YeNNi: said...

I've heard that if you play with your pannus too much you can go blind ^____^

sorry, sorry, I'm sifting through your archives and reading all this wonderful, insightful goodness and couldn't resist the urge to chime in :) Great reading btw!!

Anonymous said...

my stomachs flat, i have no idea what a pannus is.
so i looked it up at

2 up, 120 down
1) An extension of the camel toe extending to the lower abdomen of overweight females. 2) A camel toe exacerbation presenting as an anterior ass crack. 3) An indentation of the lower abdomen fat pad in overweight females that appears to extend from the umbilicus to the labia majora.

F--k camel toe homie! Bitch got a full on pannus! Fo shizzle my nizzle, bitch got camel toe for days.

tags camel toe large vagina anterior ass crack moose knuckle ventral ass crack.


oh yeah and i play with my stomach on the toilet too- i dont have a pannus but its funny cause it always makes this weird rumbling noise when i press it hard...
am i weird ??