Thursday, December 15, 2005

Auntie Em

I became an Aunt on Tuesday. It's all very thrilling and the baby is cute and all and blah blah blah. I was really trying to pay attention to the new baby, but all I kept hearing was my sister-in-law and her sisters talking about how much weight she already lost just from having the baby and what she was going to do to lose the rest of the weight and weight, weight, weight. This was like, 20 minutes after pushing this child out. I don't know why but it bothered me...I had to thank you.


Amber said...

First of all, congratulations on becoming an auntie! That's really exciting!

Secondly, that would irritate the hell out of me too.

Third, I would buy her a big ass box of chocolates as a "congratulations for popping a watermelon out of something the size of a keyhole." And leave a nice little note about how she better enjoy being fat while she can, haha.

Regina said...

Generations ago, being skinny used to indicate poverty while being fat was a sign of prosperity. That's why for centuries fleshiness was part of the standard of beauty. Now Americans have become SO prosperous as a nation that we can afford to obsess about how unhealthily fat we all are. Would a worldwide re-distribution of resources be part of a solution? Are obesity and the politics of international economics linked?

floradoragirl37 said...

Congrats, Auntie EM! I am an auntie of five, and a great aunt of (going to be four) It is really nice!
I totally agree with Regina. It is so funny how fatness used to be the standard of beauty, and now we are all suffering with ED's because of the fear of fat.
Also, tho, there are many countries in this world that to this day consider voluptuous forms to be the standard.
I am hoping we can take our cue from those countries and go back to being normal again!
Hugs, Jennie

Butterfly said...

Congrats on becoming an aunt!! I just became an aunt (again) myself. I have a neice and a nephew. (6 month old, and a 2 week old!)
Yea, she can say how much weight having the baby may have helped her lose, but just wait until a month from now..... It's not as easy as it sounds.
Besides, who cares about how big your ass is when you just gave birth 2 hours ago?

Anonymous said...

Being poregnant and being FAT are 2 different things, Manywomen say they are FAT, referring to their pregnant bodies. They are wrong. But their husbands/men see them as fat, and I believe that is why they are so obsessive about the weight that is NORMAL to gain during pregnancy. A woman's body is never the same again after she has a baby, even if she loses all the weight. It just isn't the way things are. Not only do MEN need to recognize this, but so do us women, who are doing a disservice to ourselves by trying to live up to some standard that really doesn't exist. If your man would leave you for a thinner woman after you've just had his baby...maybe you need to rethink the whole relationship.