Friday, December 23, 2005

Taking a Bite of the BIG APPLE...

...but I'd rather that apple be dipped in caramel.

I (Emily), am leaving for NY on Tuesday to visit my dearest Lindsey although she really doesn't deserve a friend like me. She also says that she's not going to be eating while I'm there. I can't wait to order from so many of my favorite NY spots and eat in front of her. Yes, we have a sick relationship.

It's been a crazy week...full of shopping and eating and everything festive.

When I was at the mall the other day trying to find parking, it was crazy. The aisles were jam packed with people searching for spaces and I was one of them. The only spot left was the pregnancy spot. For those of you who don't know what that is, the pregnancy spot is painted pink and is reserved for expectant mother, much like a handicap spot. Although, unlike a handicap spot, you don't need a permit to park there. It's a free-for-all.

Do you know how tempting that mother fucker was? I was soooooo about to park there, arch my back and rub my big belly so I could obtain a space next to the elevator. But, I didn't...I'm a good citizen like that.


kateysmith said...

Good for you. Although I have taken that spot many occasions when not pregnant but with my 4 munchkins in tow. I really think women need them more when they have small children. This coming from someone who has been put on bedrest every pregnancy. Merry Christmas and happy visiting.

The Fat Girl said...

That eating/not-eating-in-front-of-each-other thing...kind of creeps me out, actually.

anji said...

I think those spots are for both pregnant people and those with small kids :)

And for those fat chicks who really want to park close. I've been tempted too!!! :P

Anonymous said...

Ack. I have parked there when I know that I will be in and out of the store. I think it is BS that pregnant women get a parking spot just for them.

In my opinion, if a woman can walk 200-300 yards inside the store, why can't they walk a few extra yards to the store?

Before anyone jumps to conclusions, I only ever park there if I know it is a quick jaunt into the store.

If pregnant women are allowed to be lazy throughout their entire pregnancy, I am allowed to be lazy for 5-15 minutes every once in a blue moon.

spacestealer said...

Damn, you should have taken that space! When chicks get pregnant they act like it is some kind of accomplishment that needs to be congratulated then accommodated by the rest of us. Screw 'em - they chose to get pregnant, they can walk like the rest of us. No one will put in special spaces close to the store for the convenience of lazy folks who just don't like walking - what's so special about being pregnant?

Anonymous said...

Definately take the space - pregnancy is not a protected status.

Anonymous said...

Let me think...

Katz's Deli on Houston for corned beef and fries
International Sechuan on 9th
Ping's in Chinatown for crab
Ferrara's in Little Italy for cannoli
V&T's for double cheese pizza near Columbia
All you can eat Indian at the Jackson Diner in Queens
Steaks at Peter Luger's in Brooklyn

I feel my ass expanding as I think of my favorite NY eats. Totally worth it.
Have a great trip!

cherree said...

lemme guess.. you people are also appalled that you're supposed to give up your seat to pregnant women on the metro, or the bus, right?

"pregnant women are allowed to be lazy throughout their entire pregnancy"

oh, jeez, have another doghnut!

Anonymous said...

I have to say that being pregnant isn't the same as being handicapped. It isn't a sickness, its a natural part of life.
I had a woman run over my foot with her stroller (with a kid in it) at the bank and she didn't even apologize to me. I guess she felt that she could be excused for bad behavior by having a kid.
If a pregnant woman can go shopping, she can park like the rest of us.

K said...

The real issue here is obviously: why do they paint everything that's reserved for us women pink? Can't you be a good mummy-to-be in scarlet, green or black (no doubt my colour of choice should I ever get pregnant)?

I've been pondering this for some time, ever since my headache wore off from all the bright pink items and merchandise at that breast-cancer charity fun run in July. WHY PINK?

Anonymous said...

Yeah being pregnatnas all abotu beign lazy. *rolls eyes* It's hell on the body, swollen everything, pain everywhere, siatic nerve to where it hurts to walk. I was on bedrest the last 11 weeks of my first pregnany but when forced to go out for more supplies I was damn happy about that parkign space beign closer, meant I got in quicker,less walking about and back home sooner. I also loved the new mom parking cause luggign 30 pounds of baby/baby gear across a parkign lot can be hard when you're weak and sleep deprived. Don't just assuem its for "lazy" pregnant women.