Thursday, December 08, 2005

Read All About It!

I've been looking for a new job for a while. I'm done with school soon and I decided it was time to finally be an adult. So, I sent about 800 resumes out and, surprising to me, I got a call from a very famous fashion magazine. They want to interview me. Could I be anymore excited?? Probably not.

I was driving home from work thinking about what an amazing opportunity this would be and it hit me. I'm fat. Fat and fashion, mainstream fashion that is*, don't mix.

So, this man who is interviewing me next week has no idea what I look like and I'm nervous. Not nervous because I'm not qualified. Not nervous because I won't have anything to say, (I actually rock at interviews), but, I'm really afraid, for the first time apart from horrible boys with hairy chests (you know who you are!), that he's not going to like me because I'm fat.

My plan is to hire a girl that looks like me but is thin, have her do the interview and then when I'm hired, I'll show up...they can't fire a girl for gaining like, 150lbs in a week can they?

*Please don't leave comments about how fat girls can be fashionable. I know this, you know this, sadly, America doesn't.


T. Comfyshoes said...

Sadly, your worries are probably rational.

But if this is a writing job and he *doesn't* hire you, everybody here knows he's a effing moron.

The Fat Girl said...

This is a tough one.

I'm graduating from college soon, and having the same worries about job interviews in a literary-ish field. Professional women of a certain class, especially, are not supposed to be fat, and that prejudice shoots through the roof when working with mainstream fashion.

floradoragirl37 said...

well, in my opinion, if he doesn't hire you, it would be purely discriminatory. If he descriminates against heavier people, then you are probably avoiding working for a jerk.
I understand that the fashion world hates us big gals, but you would probably be better off to work for someone else.
But really, who can predict the future? you may get the job based on your credentials!
Either way, good luck with the interview!

Amber said...

Discrimination against Fluffy People is such bullshit. It pisses me off to no end!

Good luck with the interview; I hope that all goes well and even more importantly, that the workplace is one conduscive to your comfort level!!

And come on, are you guys going to tell us how much you way or not? It's not like it's a big deal or anything, but y'all DID ask and I for one, just want to know how close (or how far off) I was in guessing. Y'all aren't going to be judged by any of us - this is a place of safeness for all Fluffy People around the world, tehe.

OH! And I totally agree with the horrible boys with hairy chests thing.

clubber1970 said...

I wouldn't worry too much about it. Your resume should do all of the talking for you.

Anonymous said...

not to prematurely depress you, but reality is not on your side. How could anyone ever prove that is why they did not hire you? I had that happen to me at a Bank but unless someone just comes out with a discrimatory comment it is awfully hard to prove.

~pal~ said...

isnt america awsome???

Anonymous said...

unless it's for a job in marketing editorial (the people who rustle up the samples for photo shoots) or pr/events, your weight will likely not keep you from a job at a fashion mag.

Anonymous said...

alexander mcqueen was a big fatty for a long time..

Anonymous said...

I think in this case it depends on several things:

a) which magazine it is [Anna Wintour HATES FAT GIRLS, as everyone knows. I think other mags aren't as bad.]
b) the position.
c) how good a candidate you are compared to other skinnier candidates. Which sucks, but...yeah, there it is.

I actually think that you're lucky that it's a man interviewing you. Even a gay man won't be as hard on your looks as another woman at a fashion mag probably would be.

All that being said, your resume must be pretty good for them to have called you at all, and I say you go in there looking fat and fabulous and fucking proud of it and blow them away. You're there, you're fat, they can get used to it. Confidence about your appearance can ONLY help you here.

GOOD LUCK! You're going to ROCK THIS.


Mindy said...

You are probaly right to think that way, but again, if this is a writing job what obsticles would you face? Yes, America is fixated on the perfect woman being a size 2, and it's ridiculous! Only a dog wants a I right?
Don't be nervous about the interveiw. You said you rock at them, so rock on!!!

cm said...

>Only a dog wants a I right?

No, speak for yourself.

Regina said...

"Only a dog wants a bone." I've never heard that expression, but I like it! Thanks, I'll remember it.

Anonymous said...

It is called FOA - front office appearance. I know I have been denied many jobs because of my large 300+ lb. body. It sucks. If I was 130 lbs. with nice long legs...I'd have the job of my dreams.

It is a sueable thing, but you have to prove that the person they hired is less qualified than you are. Also, having an entire office of skinny people doesn't help the employer out if they are being sued. One thing though...a lot of companies will settle before they get hit with huge lawyer fees. I have won a discrimination suit, but it wasn't for weight.

Even though my entry isn't supportive regarding the ignorance of the world to fat people getting jobs, you have options. Don't bend over and take shouldn't have to be skinny to get the job you want.

Amber said...

What is up with all the "ANONYMOUS" comments on here? Just because you may not have a blogger account, doesn't mean you can't leave a name/website - it's called the "Other" button down there. For crying out loud, would y'all use it already???

Sorry, lol, kind of a pet peeve over here... It gets frustrating when you like a comment or find it interesting and want to go check that person out only... there's nothing to send it too.

Anonymous said...

I wonder what this html tag does. Let's find out!

me said...

While going through paperwork after my boss was fired I happened upon the resume I gave him (this was when I was 50 lbs. heavier) and noticed written on the top under cons for me was "appearance". I was well dressed when I interviewed with him, just large. Makes me wonder how many other jobs I lost out on in the past because of my size. Grrr...

Anonymous said...

seriously, i have the same thing. i'm comfortable with myself, but i'm always worried that i will be judged on my fat while applying for jobs. there are certain stereo-types that come wiht fatness that aren't the best qualities you'd want in an employee: laziness, unkemptness, lack of self-control, etc. and while we all know these things are, for the most part, untrue, a lot of people don't. it's a constant worry for me.