Thursday, May 25, 2006

Just Wondering...

A few questions for our readers:

1) Who is our fan in Dubai? You check on our blog a few times a week, and I really want to know who you are and how you found our site. Are there many fat people or fatty lovers in Dubai?

2) Why do people keep finding us by googling "Are bananas fatty?" Answer: NO! Why do so many people wonder about that? Is the American educational system in such disrepare that we don't know that bananas are a nutritious food???

3) If you hate fat people, why do you read this blog?

4) How many of you are fat or overweight?

5) Are any of our readers men?

6) How many of you have had the duodenal switch surgery?

7) Are there any topics you wish we would write a post about?

If any of you are interested in answering any of these questions, feel free to leave a comment in the comment section or email us.


Dani said...

You know me! I'm the DS advocate.

Anon said...

I don't have personal knowledge with which to answer most of these, so:

(1) I am not your fan in Dubai. Congrats on having a fan in Dubai. My blog has about five readers and they are all lawyers I see every day at work.

(2) I have no idea, but I love bananas.

(3) I don't hate fat people.

(4) I am not overweight. (I am 5'8" and 152 lbs.)

(5) I am a woman.

(6) I've never even heard of this.

(7) Hmmm...I'll think on this one and post later.

S. Lynne Fremont said...

1. I have always wanted to go to Dubai. But, instead, I am stuck here in Michigan.

2. I think that people sometimes think that bananas are fatty because they taste so darn good.

3. Cos there is more of them to hate?

4. Well, I am fat.

5. Not me

6. Nope, just keep doing what you are doing. It is always a fabulous read

Cecily said...

I'm fat. And I have a reader for my blog from Dubai too... weird!

Anonymous said...

I'm fat, but don't know anyone in Dubai.

Anonymous said...

First off I love your blog.
I am a Fat 26 year old Man.
I've had gastric bypass lost odles of weight,still did not accept my fatness until the book Fat!SO? Then I found your Blog.
Thank you for what you do.:) Gary

T said...

1) Not me.

2) I don't know.

3) I don't hate fate people.

4) I am fat.

5) I am female.

6) No surgery.

7) Have you had any luck with online personals? I am having a hell of a time meeting men of any sort, and my experiences with the personals have been laughable at best.

The Magnet said...

I'm a male reader, but I'm actually underweight. I'm also really out of shape, though, so I'm not trying to put on weight (because it would be all fat. I wouldn't mind fat with muscle).

Sometimes I wish this blog was more fat-positive, but I understand a lot of this has to do with a love/hate relationship you seem to have with your bodies.

Anonymous said...

I am a fat man, that's about it. I have a fiancee who, during our relationship, has put on quite a bit of weight and now is a true fat girl, but gets kinda bummed about it sometimes -- any chance you have advice about how to, at least occasionally, accept your weight? Just curious!

Grover said...

1) Nope, not me. Holland, Europe

2) HUH?

3) Don't hate fat people.

4) No

5) Not me..

6) Again, not me...

7) Nope, love what your doing right now.

Ruthie said...

I'm actually not fat, at least I don't think so. I weigh about 130 pounds, but I'm 5'3".

You guys are funny and that's why I read you. And I agree with a lot you say about fat acceptance in general.

And the banana thing?! All over the internet I read, "Don't eat bananas, they'll make you fat." What is up with that?! It's a banana!! I'm all about whole foods and if you can eat it without processing it, then by all means. I eat bananas all the time and I'm not fat.

I think this is my first comment with you guys. But, I check it everyday. Thanks!

JessiferSeabs said...

1) I alos have an occasional reader in Dubai.

2) Bananas are actually incredibly high in sugar, so while they are not FATTENING, they are higher in calories than other fruit, plus, if you eat them, your blood sugar with crash quicker than if you eat something with less sugar, more fiber (say, an apple or some berries).

3) i don't hate fat people. I am fat.

4) I'm fat. But I've lost 63 lbs, go me.

5) Female

6) No

7) Mmmmm, don't think so!

Keep writing! I just started reading, and I think your blog is great.

GoBetty said...

Yo fatties, love you beeotches to death.

) in Dubai? PAS MOI. I'm in Canada.

2) Bananas, no, I like to think I conduct more meaningful and intelligent searches than that

3) Hate fatties? Hell no, I love fatties, tho I have discovered recently what it's like to have sex with a morbidly obese person. It's hard! Other loves include: old folks, kittens, puppies, and a band called Louis XIV...

4) Am I fat? No, but curvy as hell, sexy as fuck and hot as blazes. Recently lost weight, got my groove back and would basically have sex with a gardening tool now if it looked at my the right way.

5) Man? Nope, 100% girl

6) Duodenal switch surgery? WTF? I have never heard of this. Time for a meaningful search...

7) Topics? Yes - Tell us more more more about your lives and work and clothes and people and shit

~loveme~ said...

1)Not me!!
2)lol... people are too worried these days
3)i dont!
4)Im overweight! But i just joined "Curves" and im going to try toget rid of a bit of it
5)*lemme check* Nope woman! lol
6)Not for me...
7)Keep it up! I love it the way it is!!!

deb said...


not in dubai...i'm in indiana.

i don't like anything about bananas...flavor, texture, odor, bananas for me!

don't hate fat people. i've been one my entire life.

i had gastric bypass 16 months ago and have lost 254 lbs. so far...not done yet. all things related to obesity are of interest to me.

49 yr old female.

i had the RNY surgery.

Morgan said...

1) Nope - not Dubai. I'm a Minneapolis girl.

2) Bananas? That's strange. Most of the traffic on my site comes from image googles for 'fat girls'.

3) Not a hater.

4) Yep - I'm a fatgrrl!

5) I'm not a man, but I'd like to know about the male readers, too!

6) No surgery for me. I'm not a proponent of WLS.

7) I'd like to hear more about fat fashion and style. 'Fat' and 'sexy' are considered by so many to be an impossible combination, so I'd like to know what other fat girls are doing out there. We can't all be wearing the same outfits from Lane Bryant...

Thanks, Fatty McBloggers!


randomfatgirl said...

1) Not me, but how the heck can you tell where your readers are from?

2) Again, how the heck do you find out how people google to get to your site?? And, those people are stupid, who actually thinks bananas make you fat?? Of course, if you eat enough of ANYTHING it can probably make you fat...

3) Fat people don't bother me at mom has always been very obese so I learned not to fatty hate from an early age.

4) I am about 50 lbs overweight...have lost 33 but gained back at it again...

5) Not I.

6) Not I.

7) ladies are hilarious! You could probably post the encyclopedia and I would still sit here

Laura said...

1) Sorry, I'm not in Dubai. I'm Canadian. And very proudly Canadian I might add. Canada rocks! I'm a little biased though.

2)I googled you the first time I came to this site, but it was about fat girls. A lot of crap came up, but then there you were! As a fellow blogger, I was much impressed. And as for bananas making you fat, that's just crazy. Unless the only fruit you ate was bananas, variety is everything.

3)I don't hate fat people. They are most often more fun that skinny people.

4)I am overweight. I carry it well, but to be healthy, I should be about 60 lbs lighter. I started "Curves" too, and while the lbs are not dropping, the inches are. So it's all good.

5)Hmm, nope, no additional equipment. I am female.

6)No weight loss surgery for me. All natural girl here.

7)I would love to hear more posts about your quests for clothes, furniture, and in general, how you bring up the fat world.

Keep it up guys! I check your blog all the time. Fat power, yeah!

Allison said...

1) Not me, sorry!

2) Ha, ha! It's really funny how people end up on sites. I've got some of the most random searches for like one word that showed up in one post. You've probably written the word banana on here once and "Fat" certainly shows up a number of times. :) And actually yes bananas have a little bit of fat! (Teeny amount, like less than a gram)

3) I don't hate fat people. I used to be one in fact, and at the time I guess I was kind of ashamed of it and trying (don't laugh!) to hide it. Right, like anyone actually mistook me for a skinny person. I think if I had had a blog like this to read back then I could have at least been a little more confident about myself. Plus you guys are hysterical, but still very human. You right in a very engaging manner and you should write a book so I could get my fattyblog fix in larger quantites. :)

4) Not me, I'm a size 6/8 now, although at my largest I was a 16. (I'm 5'5")

5) Again, sorry, not me.

6) That whoza? This is something I must google. (And I'll probably end up on another blog. ;) )

7) Hmmm...not really. Just keep on doing what you're doing. :) I do tend to like your introspective posts the best though.

M said...

1. Nope, NYC.
2. No food is a nutritious food anymore; if it's good for you today, next week it will probably cause cancer.
3. If studyng psychology has taught me nothing else, I've learned that people are pretty f**king weird!
4. 5'7", 225 lbs.
5. Not me!
6. Not me again!
7. Nothing I can think of.

Dana Porker said...

1) It's not me. I'm from Trinidad in the Caribbean though
2)I hate bananas and the foods that I like, I eat whether they are fatty or not
3) I love fat people
4) Overweight - refer to 2) and 3) above
5) Female, sorry (and not Jewish either)
6) Nope
7) I love reading any and everything you write. It brightens my day

John said...

I'm a man from Salt Lake City, which is about as far away in some ways as Dubai.

M.E. said...

1. I find the Dubai thing creepy, to be honest.

2. Bananas are delicious and everything is "bad for you" when there is no moderation.

3. As for hating fat people. Sometimes it is more about people hating themselves. You know?

4. Used to be obsese. Lost 123lbs.

5. Not this reader.

6. No surgeries here.

7. Nah, I thoroughly enjoy every post and you are on the right track.

Thanks ladies!!


pepa in Dubai said...

Hi girls, I'm the fan from Dubai :-)

I came upon your blog when it was mentioned on bigfatblog. Fat, obesity, nutrition, health, etc. are some very interesting subjects for me and your blog soon became one of my favs. I think it offers very original, touching and witty views on how truly complicated a fat existence can be. I'm originally from California and I love NY (another reason to love your site). I have been traveling and living abroad for some time - mostly in the Middle East. No, there are not too many fat people in Dubai, the fatties that you see are mostly spoiled kids and grandmas. I am a reformed fatty who had to leave the US to slim down. Haha! Actually, I still have some 35 lbs. to go and yeah, though I did not move abroad for this reason I have found myself following a Mediterranean style diet which has made me lose weight naturally, without much effort.

I do not hate fatties :-)

I'm female.

Haven't had that surgery.

Questions for you: I was wondering why you haven't mentioned your parents, maybe you can talk about them a bit and give us some insight into how you get along with them and what your parents fed you as kids, lol. (Though I love them much, I blame my parent's horrendous eating habits for making a fat kid out of a once skinny kid). I would like to know more about your careers as you haven't mentioned what exactly they are. I wonder if one of the reasons you smoke is due to your weight. I would like to read more about this incredible duality in US soceity – a country with more large people than thin – yet where fat discrimination is almost normal – can't get enough on this subject. I have a comment about the colors/design of your blog: I think the colors give it a very dreary look which doesn't go with your personalities - I hope you consider blog redecorating.

Whatever you do, keep on writing!

Regina said...

I'm not overweight, but I have body-loathing issues just the same. My question is, does anybody else do the following: sometimes I find a certain fattening food SO irresistable (usually cake) I just HAVE to put it in my mouth, I HAVE to have it, but I don't want the calories, so I'll chew it and taste it and feel it and then spit it out into a paper towel and throw it in the garbage. 1) Does anyone else do that? and 2) How unhealthy is it?

pepa said...

9:51 AM

why is the dubai thing creepy? I really don't consider myself creepy, or at least not that creepy :-) :-)

Anonymous said...

1) I'm from the DFW metroplex.

2)Bananas are fine in moderation, but they are high in sugar.

3)I like fat people, half of my family is fat. That being said, I personally could not enjoy being fat myself.

4)Not fat anymore. I used to be about 60lbs over the "healthy" weight limit.

5)I'm a woman.

6)I don't know what duodenal is. My full tummy tuck with muscle repair and lipo is schedule for the middle of June though.

7)I enjoy learning about fat culture, such as the cupcakes club. Also, about plus-sized fashion. A part of me almost misses going to Lane Bryant. The better plus-sized clothing manufactures know how to design clothing for real women. Sadly the thinner stores only seem to design their clothing for "perfect" bodies.

Neekeela said...
This comment has been removed by a blog administrator.
Neekeela said...

1) Not me, but my family is from Mangalore, India.
2) Some people consider all sorts of foods 'fattening.' I knew a woman who once told me "green peas are VERY fattening--they have so many calories." I explained, that may be the case when comparing peas to tomatoes or celery, but as I'm comparing them to large chocolate chip cookies, they're actually quite low-fat to me.
3) I'm fascinated by fat people because I've got the empathic draw as well as the walking in you shoes fascination.
4) I've struggled eith my weight all my life and recently lost 70 pounds over 2 years, but I'm still considered fat. This annoys me to no end--all that hard work and I'm still fat? Then recently I learnt from my doctor that I have "bullemic tendencies" which means that although I don't vomit, I use exercise and dieting in a such a way that I've messed up my body so it only knows how to gain weight. I'm pretty bummed about it, but reading your posts cheers me up and makes me feel like I'm not alone in skinny San Francisco.
5) A lady.
6) My mom tried to talk me into it because she thought I was SO FAT. At the time I was probably about 50 pounds overweight and wouldn't have been a good candidate. I'm just saying to illustrate the craziness of a women who put me on every diet imaginable all through elementary, junior high and high school.
7) I love hearing about going through the every day stuff. I really feel you on so much of what you two write about I'm happy to ready whatever strikes your fancy. Thanks for sharing. Yours is one of my favorites.

PS Did you ever go to the men who love fat ladies clubs? You should. It sounds like an adventure.

Stephanie said...

1. Not I!

2. That's weird, and although they may be higher in (natural) sugar, I don't know why people would be worried about bananas! I doubt that is the undoing of anyone's diet!

3. I wonder the same thing!

4. I was obese as of August last year but have lost almost 50 pounds now. I'm 5'6" and 142 pounds now. I guess some would still call me fat, but I don't think I am anymore.

5. Not a man

6. I didn't have it, but one of my close friends had it in December.

7. I love what you girls do. I especially love the stories of your everyday life, it's just good readin'!

randomfatgirl said...

regina~ Dolly Parton did that too! It's in her book! LOL I don't know if it's healthy or not, but I imagine the sugars, carbs, etc still absorb into your saliva so if you swallow any of it you're still getting the calories...and I know for sure you can still get cavities this way. :)

Liz said...

This is my first time commenting here. First time for everything, right?

1) That would not be me. I'm from Michigan.

2) While I personally think America's educational system needs a lot of work, I don't think knowing the nutritional value of bananas is one of the problems. I like bananas.

3) I love fat people.

4) I am fat by society's definition, I am overweight by the BMI's definition, but I think I'm pretty hot.

5) Last time I checked, I'm a woman.

6) I'm afraid to look that up and find out what it is. It sounds...ew.

7) Nope, because it would cease to be your blog. You post whatever you want! I always find it entertaining and thought-provoking whether I agree with you or not.

ShortDave said...

1) Pepa is your fan from dubai. I am your fan from calgary.

2) I found you from a link off of the Naafa website.

3) I don't hate fat people, I grew up with fat people, I just don't understand fat people who don't want to be fat yet still are. I read your blog because it is hilarious.

4) overweight, but not fat.

5) I am a guy.

6) no, not at all.

7) I think you ladies are choosing great topics all on your own.


AnaBell said...

Not Dubai, Mexico.
Bananas? not fatty just high on sugar
I do not hate anyone. I luv everybody 4ever. yeah, sure. No fatty hater though.
I'm carring 80 extra pounds. I'm (god, how I LOATHE the word) obese.
You have written excelent posts so far all by your own. I love how you are an oasis of snark among all the "happy happy joy joy" blogs that talk about weight.

Kathleen said...

1. I'm not in Dubai. I'm in Minneapolis.

2. I found you on a link from another blog (I forget which one now). However, I love bananas and eat them almost every day.

3. I do not hate fat people.

4. I am not fat but need to lose 10# (I have a liver disorder where fat irritates it and makes my liver enzymes rise). I am 5'10, 180# and trying to get to 170# to reduce my liver enzyme levels.

5. I am female.

6. I haven't had this surgery and I don't actually know what it is.

7. I can't think of a specific topic I would like you to address, but the reason I have read this blog and will continue to read it is -I love your writing voices!- You guys are sweet and hilarious and cool.

Kate said...

1) I'm not Pepe; I'm in the DC area.

2) As several other posters have pointed out, bananas are high in sugar. They are also very high in carbs, so the carb nazis eschew them.

3) I don't hate fat people. I hate mean people and willfully ignorant people.

4) I don't know how many of us are overweight. I'm fat.

5) I hope that some of those names belong to men, but going by the stains on my shelf, I'm fairly certain that I'm female.

6) No. Nobody touches my duodenum unless it's perforated.

7) I would happily read anything you wrote, up to and including actuarial tables of the American midwest. I'm sure that you'd make them hysterical.

Anonymous said...

1:Only one?

2:No idea

3:Fat girls are sexy!

4:I'm 5'9" 180lbs

5:Yep, I'm a man.

6:Never had surgery of any type.

7:Just keep doing what you're doing.

Anonymous said...


1) Not from Dubai, from Canada... also curious how you know who is reading your site and how often?

2) how do you know how people find your site?
About bananas... I have noticed that stronger taller people tend to love bananas whereas shorties tend to hate them...Coincidence...perhaps

3)don't hate fat people...

4)5'3 140 lbs but a lot of extra skin around my stomach from pregnancy... my stomach feels like unbaked brownie batter...


6) nope

7)great whatever...

Katharina said...

Hello! I'm female and also overweight. I used to weigh about 50 pounds more than I do now, but I'm STILL overweight, even though it's by less than 10 pounds. It's like a freaky, freaky taunting little weight mark I just can NOT reach. I love your site because, well, even if my heighest weight wasn't something you'd consider massive, I've definitely got the mental fat going. Skinny fat. Body issues and such. I'm thinking I could be anorexic and no amount of exercise would get rid of the about 200 pounds of mental fat I've got on me. It's like even on my skinny mental days, I see myself with the 50 pounds still there. It's not awesome. Anyway, you girls are HILARIOUS and fantastic, and I love reading your view on things! Also, I think the bananas thing is because the recent glycemic index craze is saying bananas are bad. Also, peas. Seriously people, what the hell. Internet hugs to the botha ya!

Katharina said...

I'm also thinking I sounded dumb just then because many anorexics have the skinny fat thing going anyway. Duh. I meant anorexic in SIZE. Gaunt. Richie-esque. Right.

Kate said...

Anonymous 1:23

You can't tell a bunch of fat girls that you think they're sexy and not even leave your name. That's just too cruel.

Anonymous 1:59

Given your answer to number 4, I'm relieved at your answer to number 5! ;)

buffpuff said...

1) I join you charming people from the leafy suburbs of West London.

2) In the days when I regularly attended a gym, I sometimes used to feel a bit headachey towards the end of a workout. My trainer suggested that I ate one or two bananas before I started – so they can't be that unhealthy.

3) I don't hate fat people. I hate fat-bashers though. And rhubarb.

4) According to my mate, Neil, I'm wantonly fat.

5) I'm a fiiiine laydee. Hey, any of you guys like the sound of "wantonly fat"?

6) I wouldn't have any form of bariatric surgery if you offered me a night of unbridled passion on a desert island with half the male cast of Lost.

7) I wish you weren't so hard on your fat selves but, hey, it's your blog.

Um, Regina...

I HAVE to have it, but I don't want the calories, so I'll chew it and taste it and feel it and then spit it out into a paper towel and throw it in the garbage. 1) Does anyone else do that? and 2) How unhealthy is it?

Hate to bother you but that sounds uncommonly like an eating disorder to me. Just eat the damn cake and truck on, girl.

William said...


I am fat about 300 lbs. and I am a guy. No surgery planned.

I am interested in how other fat people feel about themselves and their Fat (especially from other Fat Guys). How they have expanded their social life, going to new places or doing new things.


Miss Michele said...

1. I have people from Dubai visit my site too...I always wonder who they are...Isn't Dubai the place Michael Jackson is hiding out in?

2. I have no idea why someone would even care if bananas are fatty...

3. I have haters visit my site too, but now I've made it so anonymous people can't leave comments...i've gotten some lovely comments like "die fatty"...nice.

4. Fatty...rejected for wls for being too fat...

5. i'm not.

6. not me. rejected .
7. i love it when you write about you and your experiences like the one where you used the handi stall...and the new fat best friend was hilarious.



Erika said...

1. Oregon
2. I'm allergic to bananas.
3. I heart fat people.
4. Size 16.
5. Woman
6. Nope.
7. hmmmm. I like some of the above ideas. Can't think of anything original. Keep writing! :)

Adalmin said...

1) Californicaaaaation.

2) O.o I don't like bananas.

3) I don't hate fat people, that's why I read this blog!

4) I used to be overweight ("Asian" being overweight = average American) but now I'm 130 pounds at 5 foot 6.

5) I'm a girl.

6) Nope.

7) ANOREXIA. It's fascinating.

Anonymous said...

1. No clue

2. No clue, but banannas are yummy.

3. Because they're bored and want something they can protest?

4. I'm a fatty mc fatterson: 5'4" 22/24 (I don't weight myself)

5. I'm a girl

6. I haven't had it and wouldn't want it.

7. fat celebrities

Jennifer said...

1 - I don't even know where Dubai is. Must. . .check. . .Google. . .NOW!

2 - Huh. Bananas have a high glycemic load, so are probably among the veboten-fooden per le Atkins.

3 - Does Not Apply

4 - Yup, I'm a fat girl. 5'3", 260 lbs, size 22.

5 - My boyfriend reads sometimes.

6 - No, wouldn't want it. WLS is not for me.

7 - I'm a recent reader, so I have lots to catch up on.

snackiepoo said...

1.) If you find out who is in Dubai, can you find out for me who is in Kuala-Lumpur? Thanks :)

2.) Shit, I forgot to get banana crisps at Trader Joes.

3.) I heart all people, fat or thin.

4.) I like to describe myself as voluptuous or chunky and funky...ok fuck it, I am fat.

Anonymous said...

1. Not from Dubai, unfortunately. Too hot.

2. No idea. People are afraid of all food these days, I think. Bananas are power food!

3. I don't hate fat people. I used to be fat myself.

4. I'm not now, though I used to be up to two years ago. An unexplained 80-lb loss changed that. I still have no clue how it happened.

5. Female right here.

6. Nope. Needles are icky enough, I definitely do not want to be cut open.

7. So far, I'm laughing at a lot of what I read, so no complaints here.

Tim said...

Here we go:
1. I'm not from Dubai, but instead from Boston
2. I'm not sure about the banana thing
3. I love fat people and have only dated fatgirls.
4. I'm a tad overweight (6ft and 215 pounds) i've got that stocky football player build
5. I'm a MAN!! :)
6. Not me, not even sure what that is
7. I'd love to hear about what kinds of guys you're attracted to. Fat guys? Skinny guys? Tall/Short? You know the drill.

Anonymous said...

3)I always wonder why anti-fat trolls read this blog, too. I think it's that their lives are sad and they're looking to make someone else feel shitty about themselves. They probably go to pro-ana blogs and are like, "Eat a sandwich, you skinny freaks!" too. Not that I'm comparing you guys to a pro-ana blog. I'm just saying.

4) I am almost exactly as fat as both of you.

5)But not a man.

7)Like someone above, I'd also like to hear about your parents, but more about if they say stuff about your fatness and if it bothers you (mine used to, and have gotten much better in the last couple years, which is nice).

Also, either one or both of you likes fat guys, I believe. Me too. Would you write a post about fat male celebrities you have crushes on? Is it sick and weird to even ask?

Anonymous said...

(this is the Anonymous from 1:17 PM)

Also! Would the one of you who lives in New York please write a post about how the so-called "fashion capital" of the world has no goddamn plus-size stores other than chains and dept. stores? Out of every store in Manhattan, Brooklyn and Queens, there's like ONE plus-size boutique? It's so frustrating, if I didn't already have a career I'd find a designer and some investors, and open a boutique in Williamsburg and call it "Fluffy" or something.

emily pound said...

1) Toronto

2) I love bananas

3) love fat people, I am one of them

4) see above

5) female

6) haven't had it, but I was actually considering the lap band. then I took my medication

7) fat girls and sex ... like another person commented above, your experience, if any, with online personals (mine has been ridiculous too)

kimabroad said...

1)Originally from Michigan, currently residing in Austria.

2)Mmmm...bananas. Sometimes I forget where to stop and keep writing "na"..banananananana....

3)I've never understood why someone would go to a site and bash the author for no reason. Morons.

4)Overweight, surprisingly losing weight here in Europe in spite of delicious chocolate, beer and wine.

5)Lovely lady here.

6)No surgery for moi. How can you be proud of it? "I've lost so much weight!" No you didn't, you had surgery.

7)Just keep doing what you're doing. I check multiple times a day-- you ladies are fantastic!

cabanagirl said...

1) Southern California

2) I googled "grapes." Just from MyBigFatBlog which was a link from somewhere else I can't remember.


4) I've been through it all, as low as 117 and as high as 425...on the way up now, 320. I tried to think of something witty to say about that, but can't.

5) Female

6) No. I'm not sure what that is. I have a friend who had a gastric bypass and she's doing fantastic.

7) I think you should remove your link "View my complete profile" since it really didn't tell me much. (Or add to it.) I'm with gobetty...Tell us more about your lives and work and clothes and people and shit.

I'm wondering why you don't respond to people's comments? At least I haven't seen any. I've only been around for a couple of weeks, maybe it's just not the nature of blogs?

Anyway I'm hooked and check in almost everyday!

buffpuff, I loved "wantonly fat!"

Creature said...

1) I have no idea, but that's kind of cool. You have a fan in Dubai!

2) I found you, and a bunch of other people, by googling the words 'fat' and 'blog'. Then visiting all the links from the blogs that showed up on the search.

3) I don't hate fat people.

4) I'm fat. See Gargantuan for details... hope you don't mind the self-referral.

5) I'm a man.

6) I haven't had any surgery.

7) Hrm. You seem to be doing a good job so far, I just look forward to whatever's coming next!

laine said...

1) i wish i had a fan in dubai. man. in any case, no, i'm from austin, tx.

2) bannanas are one of the things my mom can eat on the diet she has for her chron's disease, actually. they're rich in natural sugar but good for your stomach and unprocessed, so it's better than drinking OJ to get your potassium fix. /factoid

3) some people are a) idiots b) glutton(!) for punishment. i think hateful people like that are worse off than us "fat folk." then again, i'm friends with such a hater, so...

4) i'm dramatically overweight. i'm a teenager and i've been gaining weight rapidly since i was about, oh, 6. everything from metabolic syndrome (aka syndrome x), diabetes, and all kinds of other things have been explored with me. either i fail the diet or the diet fails me. i've been to hell and back about my weight issues and at this point i'm just tired of it and considering surgery. /tangential rant

5) i'm 100% female.

6) i'm gonna be another voice in the "not me" crowd. you might try to look for a support community/newsgroup for that surgery or weight loss surgery and ask questions there; i've found that's been really helpful.

7) to be honest, i love y'all. everytime i read your blog i feel a little better about myself. all of them are pretty thought-provoking, for me.

keep on keepin' on!

Dani said...

6)No surgery for moi. How can you be proud of it? "I've lost so much weight!" No you didn't, you had surgery.

Because you know, surgery is just SO EASY. The recovery was like magic and it was like I didn't even do anything! (notice the sarcasm)

I was 310 pounds at 5'6". I was dying. Surgery does NOT give you a free ticket to weight loss. If it did, there would be no such thing as failed WLS.

Don't judge people. You wouldn't want people to judge you on your size, your race, etc, would you? Why would you judge others then? It amazes me, how people can be so hypocritcal. The DS changed my life, for the better. More power to all of you who do it "naturally", but the stats show that people who have massive amounts of weight to lose RARELY are successful, in the long term with diets.

I'm proud of myself for fighting all the stigma and all the hostility I got for choosing to have WLS, for finally NOT worrying what everyone else though and saving my life. Am I proud of the weight loss? Not really. It is the decision to make my life BETTER that makes me proud. That I actually did something for ME. I'm glad the the majority of people I've met aren't so narrowminded.

Anonymous said...

1) don't know
2) don't know
3) don't hate fat fact love fat people
4) I wouldn't call myself fat...more like tank-assed
5) Yup...I am a man. I suspect that there are plenty of other men who lurk.
6) no surgery for me
7) You already talk about a wide range of topics. I say keep up the stuff that you have been doing.

Melissa said...

A friend of mine recommended your site, I've been lurking and occasionally posting for maybe a month now.

Being called fat doesn't bother me, but it does seem to bother my mother and sister. So with them I say big girl. Like I'm 3 or something and I have to put on my big girl panties; at least it makes me feel like a grown up.

One name I do like is thick. I'm a thick chic. I totally dig that. And there is so much more to me than what I weigh.

Buffpuff said...

Melissa, I can't share your enthusiasm for the term thick chick, I'm afraid. In Britain, thick means moronically stupid, something I'm definitely not.

TJ said...

I love your blog, found out about it on big fat blog.

Don't hate fat people since that would mean hating myself.

I am fat, have lost 160lbs, and am still fat, probably always will be.

I haven't had that surgery, never will.

I'm all woman.

I would love to hear about your childhoods, were you fat children?

honinterrupted said...

1. In in Palau, but cannot for the life of me remember how I found your site. Linked on LJ, maybe? I check about once a week.

2. Bananas aren't fatty, but corn is. As my grandmother said, it's what they feed pigs to make them fat. I love corn.

3. I don't hate fat people. I love fat people!

4. I don't think I'm fat. I wear a 14-16 and am 5'8". I've lost about 40 pounds and now engaged in the "gimme a one" game with my digital scale every morning. I'm chunky. But I carry all my weight around my middle and have been cruelly called a dugong (sea lion).

5. No WLS for me.

6. I just wish you'd post more often.

BeckaJo said...

1) Am not the Dubai fan. Not exactly a fatty lover, either, at least not in the creepy fetishy sense.

2) I dunno. I never really thought about it, but I was under the impression that nanners were fatty. Or maybe that's just what happens after you fry 'em in batter or top them with ice cream.

3) Do not hate fat people. Hate my own fat self, but am approaching that problem using a triangulated approach of diet, therapy and distraction, of which your blog is a part.

4) I am fat! I recently broke into the 'overweight' line for my BMI. I am oddly proud of that.

5) (checks) Not me.

6) Not me, although I know a few people.

7) Have you ever had people at certain food places recognize you? If you go on a binge, do you do anything to avoid having the checkout clerk/hamburger slinger/whatever from realizing that you are buying all that food for yourself? Because I could use some suggestions.

Anonymous said...

1. Brisbane Australia. Found your your blog through an Australian diet web site. hehehe
2. Love Narnies
3. Don't hate fat people
4. Not fat
5. Female
6. WT???

Anonymous said...

1) Ohio

2) mmmmm... bananas.

3) I don't hate fat people. I found this site through Big Fat Blog, which, I believe, I found through NAAFA's site many moons ago. I find NAAFA, and to some extent, BFB to be fascinating due to the "herd mentality." Much like a pro-ana site, it's interesting to see how militant/ group-oriented people can be about something as personal as body size! (That's why I visit the cult watch site, too. The militant body-love/body-hate groups aren't cults in the traditional sense, but it's funny to see how people can be banished for having... wrong thoughts...)

Anyway, when I jumped over to your blog, it was so refreshingly funny, personal, normal and pragmatic. I remember one of you posting about enjoying the “very special” episode of Full House, in which DJ frantically tries to spin her way to a model’s body. Well ladies, it’s hard to explain, but that struck a chord with me. I love it!

4) Not overweight

5) Female

6) Nope. Interesting concept, though. It seems that d/s allows for more "normal" eating habits post-op.

7) My answer to 3 might be helpful, but I really just want you guys to keep doing exactly what you're doing.

AnnaBanana said...

This is anon. from 7:30. I finally signed up for a name.

Anonymous said...

1. That's already claimed, but I'm in WA state.
2. I eat bananas for potassium because of leg cramps.
3. As aformer fatty, I feel bad for fat people because I know lots suffer in silence and put up with bs from negative people and I know there is an answer to being fat. I also know some people don't mind being fat.
4. Was a fat kid, fat adult (size 24)
5. I'm all girl.
6. Had the DS and Love it. I live a normal life and wear a 8/10.
7. You guys do great. But like I said in #3....there is a way out of beating yourselves up and having every part of your life be about being fat. From thinking about booth seats to sleeveless shirts. Skinny people have no idea how every part of your life revolves around being fat. Whenever someone says "you should diet" I wanted to scream, "You think I don't know I'm fat....I wake up every morning knowing just how fat I am." still makes me angry four years later.

CommiePinkoScum said...

Dani, what were you dying from?

CommiePinkoScum said...

anonymous 9:25 AM, are you seriously saying that all we fat people have to do is just stop being fat and everything will be okay?

So if black people just stopped being black, or gay people just stopped being gay, or the elderly just stopped being so darned OLD then they wouldn't have to put up with those comments from people, right? Heaven forbid people be respectful and courteous to each other, or that we expect tolerance, or that people just mind their own damned business. No, fat people should cave in to those who harass and demean us into conformity. The problem is that we're fat and want to wear a sleeveless shirt, not that jerks think they have the right to pass judgement on us because we showed our big arms.

Anonymous said...

commiepinkscum: read too much into what I said. Have you not read the prior posts on this website regarding wearing sleeveless shirts? Have you ever walked into a restaurant and looked at the booths to see if you'll fit? What I'm saying is that IF you don't like being fat, you don't have to be. I selfpaid for WLS (second mortgage, i'm not rich!). The option is there and that's the choice "I" made. The fact is, YOU CAN"T control other people, but you can control how you react or who you want to be, where the choice is available. If you like being fat, so be it. I, personally, Hated it and if I had the money I'd pay for whoever wanted WLS to get it. IF you don't want WLS, then enjoy your life! Don't let my choices affect who you want to be. You must be female, women always over think what someone else says. Obviously, no one has a choice about their race or age. Duh.

Sam said...

Any of you fatgirls pig out for a memorial day bbq? I bet you all could shovel tons of food at one of those :) Eat a few dozen hotdogs on me!

Dolly said...

1) Well that one was answered- FYI- I'm in Virginia
2) No idea! I don't remember how I found yall- could be a link from another blog???
3) Nope- I'm one of them
4)see #3
5) Looks like they are- I'm a women
6) Not me- no surgeries
7) I love your post - I do wish that you would update about that "blind date" that you considered warning that you were fat. and I would love to put faces on you two.

Anonymous said...

I'm struck by the fact that the fat-bashing crowd hasn't shown up in answer to this very nice invitation. Where are you folks? Nothing to say?

Reader background: I was kind of heavy--that is, I felt grotesque, but it was a very normal size statistically (and, no, bananas played no role.) Then I lost about forty pounds over about three years (no surgery), and while I feel much better in all kinds of ways and it was definitely worth it, I'm with a lot of people above in that I still self-identify as fat and am still fascinated with the ways in which fat is read and perceived. Lane Bryant still feels like "my" store even though I can't wear their clothes anymore, and while my feelings toward fat are, if possible, more mixed than ever, fat people are basically still "my" people.
I still assume, quite without warrant, that fat people have suffered and will therefore be that little bit braver and more socially aware and more compassionate than skinny ones, and when I meet selfish, petty, smug, horrible fat people, I still feel unreasonably disappointed. (We all have our stupid biases, and this one's mine. As if the fat hadn't the same right to be unpleasant as the skinny!) That's not you ladies, by the way (just in case anyone could think it.) Hang in and keep writing.


BBWInTheCity said...

- I am from Philly but live in DC.

-Bananas are only 2 WW points. They are natural and I love em.

- I luv em big, but I tend to date thin men.

-I am fat and overweight, but lost 26lbs on WeightWatchers


-No clue, but I was considering lap band. Deceided to give WW and the Bob Greene program a try first. Good results went from a 22 to a 20 in 3 weeks.

-Post more on dating as a big person. I have a blog about it, but am taking a brief hiatus.

Dani said...

What was I dying from? Just being fat! When I'd lay down, my breathing was labored and I felt like I was being crushed. I couldn't walk even half way around a normal mall. I couldn't keep up with the family on vacations. Walking three flights of stairs up to my condo got my breathing so hard and my heart going so fast that I would need to rest for 20 minutes after the fact. My blood sugar and cholesterol was out of control. My PCOS was wrecking my body. My feet, knees, and back hurt constantly. Infact my knees still make really awesome grinding noises when I walk upstairs. If the tempurature got over about 70 degrees I'd sweat myself into dehydration. There was nothing healthy at all about me. I wouldn't have lived any sort of decent quality of life if I would have NOT had surgery. All that is gone now and I live normally. I thank God everyday for my surgeon, my insurance, and the woman who pointed me in the direction of the DS. I got my life back and I am living it to it's fullest now. There is no way I could have done anything that I do today at 310 pounds.

january said...

Love, love, love your site.

1. Mystery has been solved! I'm from Massachusetts.

2. All this reading about bananas in the comments made me just eat one! It'll probably be the healthiest thing I eat all day, quite frankly.

3. Am fat, don't hate other fat people but can't say I feel a tremendous kinship with them either.

4. Very fat. Uncomfortable in my own skin fat. Used to be still very fat, but comfortable, when I was about 30 lbs less than this and exercising frequently.

5. Not me.

6. Not me, but some days it sounds good. I may get there someday, but first, I am re-starting medication to first treat my depression. I used to be on Prozac, which gave me the ability to act in my own best interest for once - I could actually decide to do something, and do it, in my case, following WW. (Not saying that would be the case for any fat person who is depressed, but that's how it seemed to work for me. Not on meds, I get fatter and just don't care, and don't like that feeling. That's just me.)

But after I had lost some weight, I wanted to try to have a baby, so I slowly went off the meds. Now I see that was a mistake, as I regained all the weight and more and feel like hell. So, meds are back, babymaking plans on hold for now.

7. I'd read anything you guys wrote. The topics continue to fascinate me, especially how honest you are.

january said...

Just read my own comment. For #4, I should be clear that losing 30lbs was really a drop in the bucket for me. It almost sounds like -30lbs and ta da! I'm a normal weight. Ha ha, not even close. Multiply that by 4 and we're getting somewhere.

Tamara said...

Bananas rule!

I'm 38, in Michigan, and found you via Act Boldly, I think. I'm not fat. I am trying to get stronger and healthier. I suffered from asthma and have migraines, so I'm trying to eat better and exercise more to combat that. If I look better in shorts as a result, I won't be disappointed.

I don't hate fat people, although I began to realize over the last several years that I was a bit prejudiced against them, something that unnerved me because I try to be without prejudice. I talked about it with my husband because I didn't like realizign that about myself!

Reading blogs like this one has helped me to move past my prejudice, so for that I thank you. And, of course, for the laughs! The others had great suggestions, but I say write what you want!

Anonymous said...

My husband is obsessed with Dubai, and really wants to go there. I'm an American who moved to The Netherlands 6 years ago. No, not Amsterdam.

Bananas are high in potassium, so I eat them to help stave off the crazy legs at night.

The only fat person I hate is myself.

I am fat.

I'm female.

I have no clue what duodenal switch surgery is.

I stumbled upon your blog while looking for information about how to get rid of my big disgusting pannus. You had that excellent painting posted, and I find your entries to be interesting and funny and touching. And I too am now mesmerized by the Famous Bowl from KFC, too bad it will probably never come to Holland.

Keep up the great work!

shannon said...

1. not dubai---indiana. close though, right?

2. i found you through pastaqueen

3. i dont hate fat people. many of my best friends are fat. although im realy not good at using the word fat. i was taught against it growing up.

4. not fat

5. not a man

6. no surgeries

7. just update More!

Stephanie said...

Sam - You feel better about yourself now?

Anonymous said...

1) Nope UK - besides - somebody already confessed to that one
2) Pretty certain bananas ain't fatty, no idea why so many people wish to confirm this though
3) Not me - find fat gals kinda sexy.
4) Nope - put myself fairly squarely in the 'normal' bracket here.
5) Another one to add to the list of men
6) No - no need, and probably wouldn't consider it even if i was fat
7) Just keep doin what you're doin - you got me hooked. Would be good to hear how the whole blind date you 'warned' about your weight thing went though.

How do girls that come across as being as witty and intellectually engaging as you pair do fail to find dates? Mystery to me.

littlem said...

I love this.

Girl avec attitude from NYC (not that you all don't already know this).

I'm wondering if people are Googling "are bananas fatty" in quotes. You get different results depending on where you place your quotation marks.

Whoever asked if we were all wearing the same outfits from Lane Bryant -- they all LOOK different because we are ACCESSORIZING them differently. (Hee.)

Buff, you only don't like rhubarb because you haven't had my mom's killer strawberry rhubarb pie. She will convert you. Come visit. Authors need their strength. (I want to talk to you more about that author thing -- where can I find your non-fiction book over here in the states?)

I am an unruly girl and so will not put neat numbers in like the rest of you cool orderly people.

McBlog Queens, you so rock.

Buffpuff said...

Hey, Littlem!

No non-fic books I'm afraid, let alone anything available in the US. (Well, not unless your local Barnes and Noble stocks the UK Writers' And Artists' Yearbook, to which I am a regular contributor. My day-job(s) involve working with commercial artists, helping them understand how the industry works and how best to present and promote their work to commissioners. I also lecture on the subject and even flog the stuff – so most of the non-fic I produce appears in related publications.

Alas, no disrespect to your good mum, but I can't even look, at rhubarb. It's a geneuine food phobia. I was forced to eat rhubarb crumble by sadistic school prefects one time too many. As a result, I was the only girl in my entire school, (out of 700 pupils), who went home for lunch!

Are you a writer too?

K said...

1. Scotland.

2. I have no idea why that finds this site. Bananas are high-GI because they're quite sugary, which is unfortunately also why they're nice. So you can't have them on South Beach and similar.

3. Not a hater. I like people in general.

4. Overweight by BMI standards, but average-ish to look at, I think. I spent my teenage years loathing my body but not doing anything about it, and avoiding exercise because I hated getting hot and sticky, and also thought everyone would stare at this fat girl exercising. It seemed unimaginable that this could ever change. I wasn't that fat, actually. But I was fairly unfit.

Just over a year ago (having learned to like myself in the meantime) I started doing a lot more exercise, and am now much fitter and stronger and feel a lot healthier. I've lost some weight but am still not skinny, and probably never will be, but I now go running and lift weights three times a week and enjoy it. My seventeen-year-old self would find that very implausible.

5. I'm a girl.

6. I've had daydreams about having the money for lipo, but nothing more radical. I would never actually go through even with lipo. I'm a wimp.

7. Um, not really. I find the usual stuff you do pretty interesting, though sometimes I wish you'd be a bit easier on yourselves, because I remember what it was like to feel that way.

punkindunkin said...

I stop in now and then and I'm a Fat Woman who hates herself, not others, but I’m working on overcoming that.

I'm always interested in dating details and how you feel in relationships with other partners or how you feel when not in a relationship. Oh, and how much you blame negative experiences on your weight. Also I want to know what positive things you do for your self-esteem.

I love reading your blog and finding out that everything I think of or experience someone else has too. It's such a relief.

katybug110 said...

1.South of Chicago. I came accross your blog after using Google to look up my cousin and his commercial, and you guys came up. He's the KFC Layered Bowl Guy.

2.Don't like bananas ~ so no problems for me :)

3.Only myself

4. I'm a Fat Chick. Pleasantly Plump. Large and In Charge.

5.100% Woman and then some!

6.I just registered for RNY.

7.I just found your blog tonight & I Love it, I've been here for hours (should have been sleeping!) & I added you to my favs!

Jackie said...

1) I'm from Detroit, MI and recently (a week ago) moved to the east coast/NY area

2) I LOVE bananas. They just get a bad rep because people are always like "Bananas are not a 'good' fruit".

3) I happen to think highly of demensionally enhanced figures.

4) I am 5'5" and weight 198 pounds. I like to think I'm on the cusp. haahaaaa...yea, I keep trying to tell myself that. It doesn't help.

5) I am not a man. I'm all woman.

6) What's that??

7) Please explain, or lead me to previous explanation on this duodenal switch...

Anonymous said...

7) I would really love it if you could focus on the addiction to food and what exactly makes it so difficult to just stop eating and exercise. I know that for myself, I am completely dedicated and driven and go to extreme measures to accomplish my goals. I have been very successful in life and had to make huge sacrifices to accomplish my dreams. Yet when I try to lose weight, I cannot, it is something that I absolutely can't commit to or successfully carry out. I feel like I could accomplish anything in the world before I could accomplish losing a substantial amount of weight. You both seem to be successful people who have worked hard in life - so tell us, what exactly is it that makes it so impossible to just buck up and lose the weight? Lindsey can commit to the education and hard work it takes to become a lawyer, but can't lose weight? Maybe you don't know the answer . . . but maybe just tell us what it feels like. I apologize if I came off negatively, I am just basically reviewing my own situation which I feel most likely applies to the both of you too (as well as many many more fatties!!!)

Jackie said...

Well, I know you didn't ask me...but for me it's just being tired of trying. All my life I have tried and I just concentrate on other things that are, sadly, easier for me. Does that make me lazy?

alicat said...

1) While I am not the fan you are asking about, I do think that there must be some fat people, or even fatty lovers in Dubai. Why not?

2) Ahh... that is wishful thinking. If bananas are fattening maybe that is what people should cut out. It isn't the chocolate cake after all! It's those darned bananas that are making me fat.

3) I don't hate fat people, I am fat people!

4) I am downright fat. I weigh 255lbs. I know this because I am a member of Weight Watchers and they tell me each week how much I weigh... to the pound...

5) There must be male readers... even fat male readers.

6) No, no surgery. I have lost 120lbs on Weight Watchers, but I still weigh 255lbs.

7) What you are posting about now is just fine, keep it up. I love it!

Fidgreen aka Preacher John said...

Hello Emily and Lindsey!

I'm a bloke (man) from UK...

Bananas are mid-complex carbs good in the day to support activity and stave off hunger/energy drop for about an hour I find.. They are high in roughage (keeps you regular) and potassium... I found out the latter from an ex-biochemist when I was in Eygypt and had REALLY BAD food poisoning - bananas personally peeled and coca-cola stright from the bottle (v.close to rehydration "salts" in composition)were teh only "safe" foods and kept me alive for the days of illness! Woo! for bananas...

I'm 6'1" and currently 166lbs (on a bulking phase at the moment.. goal of 175lbs ish) bit of a body builder/martial artist... so not fat...

I love cute fat chicks! ;)

Currently in an open relationship with a v.lovely cute fat girl

Like your blog on the whole - much with the cute and funny in your writing!

Take care

Marly said...

1. Connecticut, sorry babes.

2. J'adore les bananes! I love them more than ice cream, and that's a powerful statement coming from me.

3. I love fat girls! I used to be overweight myself and like hanging out with people who are happy with their bodies and don't stress over every little calorie, and I find that fat girls are more like that. I hate hanging out with people who babble on and on about their diets or how much they hate the way they look.

4. I'm 5"2 1/2 and 130, but I carry it well and have good muscle tone, so most people are shocked to hear what I weigh.

5. Sorry, female as hell.

6. I haven't had any surgeries but love reading about them.

7. I love the humorous aspect of your writing and I love it when you make me think. Article about fat and society and fat and dating are awesome because there is so much to talk about.