Wednesday, May 24, 2006

Lindsey Called Me Fat!

I've been looking for a new job for quite some time. And when an exceptional offer came my way, I knew I had to take it. But, it's hard. I've been at my current job over 3 years. I love the people here and I do basically no work at all. But, Baby Emily needs to get all growed up.

To make things a little easier, because it's not so easy to leave a job you actually enjoy, I made a pro/con list and I'll give you a little taste of it.

  • the present moment, I receive NO benefits and pay my own health insurance which is a very large bill because I am very large myself.
  • Commute...this job is considerably closer to my home
  • Opportunity...This is America after all, land of opportunity! I'm basically in a dead end job now, viva la opportunity!
  • Salary...It's a hike up from what I make now, but not by much.


  • The People...The people at the new job are, to put it kindly, the most boring, old, unfunny, skinny people in the world. My job now is full of characters! Joy!
  • Taxes...Right now I get paid "under the table", which is nice!
  • Fatties...There are basically no fat people there. I swear! I looked. I found NOTHING!
  • Food...I'll miss my lunches here. Everyday a different place to eat, ah, how I love it. They have a cafeteria, but that's not the same...or is it???

I forgot to mention one thing...My friend Laura...skinny ass at this place. So, I emailed her and asked what exactly they serve at this cafeteria. So, she emailed me a 5 day menu that the institution puts out on their website. I, of course, then forwarded that email to Lindsey. This is how the conversation went, via email.

Me: What did you think of the Menu?

Lindsey: It looks good.

Me: I know, I'm totally going to take the job now.

Lindsey: Because of the menu?

Me: Yeah! Cream of Asparagus Soup on Mondays! Cheeseburgers everyday!

Lindsey: You're fat.

Well, thanks Lindsey! I just needed something to push me over the line and help me make a decision. So, that push just happened to be about Cream of Asparagus Soup, so what? Right?


Laura said...

Sounds like a good reason to me. I once made the decision to drive with a friend for an hour and a half because we knew that the food was better at this particular restaurant.

Maybe not exactly the same, but there has to be a good reason for everything, and you have to eat every day, so why not make sure that is part of it?

I say go for it. Change is (almost) always a good thing. And hey, if you leave on good terms from your current job, and the new one does not work out, you can always go back!

Buffpuff said...

Personally, if the new job isn't paying all that much more than the old one, the people are a hundred times nicer, the workload's easier and they're paying you under the table...I'd stay at the old place.

This is most probably why I'll never be rich ;-)

I also have to say I once got horrendous food poisoning from eating asparagus that, unbeknownst to me, was "on the turn", (yes, nuked by a rogue veggie, I didn't know it was possible either and, believe me, you so don't want to know the details). For me, cream of asparagus soup would in itself be an excellent reason to stay put!

Anonymous said...

The whole food issue aside, I would definately stick with the job I loved! The pay and the benefits are not going to make you happy, if you don't like your job.

M said...

If you're being paid under the table now, even with having to pay for health insurance, how much more will the new job pay after taxes?

Anonymous said...

If you need this job to move forward, go for it, but understand that you WILL be miserable. Benefits, though, are key. I would happily be miserable through a job if I had full benefits.

And asparagus tastes like pee.

Anonymous said...

hah you fatties fatty fatty fatty fat can u guys walk?

Anonymous said...


GoBetty said...

Hello. I am flummoxed by the fact that food is being taken into account by you in your decision-making process. Is eating food / going out for lunch really part of the job? Not so much. Wasn't there an entry a little while ago about how Cheesecake Factory lunchtime takeout was going to be the death of (one of) you?

That said, what on earth do you do that you are getting paid "under the table"? Are you a dishwasher? I thought you worked in an office of some sort?

In closing, I have no advice or thoughts on which job to take.

But I love you guys.

Peace out fatties.

ShortDave said...

Take the new job, you will probably find out that the people aren't as boring as you think they are, plus you seem like an extrovert so you will probably cause other people that you meet to start becoming more interesting as well.


Citycat said...

Hell, of course it makes sense to consider the food! A job is all about quality of life, right? And if you are taking into account the personalities of who you work with, and how long of a commute it is, it's silly to not consider the food available to you! Good luck with your decision!

Anonymous said...

"Right now I get paid "under the table", which is nice!"

I'm not sure it's such a good idea for you to be posting this in your blog. I work for the IRS, and I have a raging erection at the moment.

Anonymous said...

just think if u stay at the place where u dont like the food, u might lose some weight!

i think take the job that you love! doesnt matter about the menu! do what makes u happy.

todd said...

What strikes me as funny is, she never asked for anyone's advice if she should take the job. She's taking it, right?

Anyways you girls are funny and I would totally take a job based on cream of asparagus soup.

Anonymous said...

"Right now I get paid "under the table", which is nice!"

I'm not sure it's such a good idea for you to be posting this in your blog. I work for the IRS, and I have a raging erection at the moment.

10:20 AM

Thats gross.

pepa said...

A job that you enjoy and that gives you opportunities for promotions are the most important things.

I would Not decide on a job based on its cafeteria food. I WOULD however opt for a work place that has a gym!

I don't know if you're serious about the cheeseburgers and asparagus soup convincing you - but if you are; hhhhmmmmm issues...

Anonymous said...

lose some weight

zebbie said...

you mentioned as a con..."The People...The people at the new job are, to put it kindly, the most boring, old, unfunny, skinny people in the world. My job now is full of characters! Joy!
YOU can spice up the place!

Anonymous said...

Being around thin people may be just what you need, if you want to lose weight. It's not clear from you blog if that's the case.

Anonymous said...

The new people might not be as boring as you think, once you get to know them.

Take the job with the possibility of promotion. Change is good.

Browneyes said...

Reading with comprehension seems to be a rare skill.
From past experience, office politics is the hardest part of dealing with a job, & can cause disturbed sleep, therefore affecting your health. Lifestyle is so much more important than a higher wage rate. If you wanted my advice it would be to stay with the job you have.