Friday, December 18, 2009

Cinderellas Come In All Sizes

Just a heads up that tonights episode of Say Yes To The Dress is titled: Cinderellas Come In All Sizes. You know what that means! A fat girl wedding dress episode. I've been waiting for this!

So, 9pm TLC

Have any of you had the horror of looking for a wedding dress? Wish you could wear black?

Also, click HERE to see a great collection of videos posted by TLC honoring the issue of weight and wedding dresses.


Anonymous said...

I'm sooo glad you guys are posting again. I would come check here in vain always in the hope you would and here you are!! yay!

Anonymous said...

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Shoshie said...

I just got married a few months ago. The website "Offbeat Bride" has a lot of good information for chubby brides. Probably the best advice I got was to get something custom made. It ended up costing about the same amount as a boutique dress, I was able to give business to a good family friend, and it was lovely and fit me perfectly.

Anonymous said...

wedding dress shopping sucked. seriously. and it didn't help that I had moved out of state so did a lot of shopping by myself. The only places I could even fit into sample sizes was David's Bridal-seriously the Wal-Mart of the wedding world at that time. I bought my dress without trying it on and while the dress was beautiful, I never had that a-ha moment or that, I feel like a princess moment. I think I finally just gave up because the search was just too mentally exhausting. I should have hired a consultant that had dealt with plus size brides