Thursday, December 17, 2009

Like Sausage When You Don't Want Sausage

Since we're on a major 'fashion' kick, (see below), I'm going to continue this trend. This time though, we will be discussing Leggings. I want some. I just don't want to look like meat stuffed into it's casing.

Now, being a fat girl I cannot just go out and buy a pair of leggings, plus size or not. I mull over this fact daily. No matter how long the shirt, which by the way is not flattering, I can't get away with wearing leggings outside of the house. Oh, I wish I could.

And to embark on another tangent I must tell you that when I envision myself in these black leggings I'm averaged sized (I'm taking that phrase from Little People, Big World). Why? Who am I kidding? And, aren't I just lying to myself? Whatever.

Back to the leggings. Can I wear leggings or not. I have a nice shaped leg. Two actually and I think I might just say "what the f" and go for it.

Maybe I can wear them with my high heels.

PS. I just googled fat girl leggings and came across myriad of website yelling NO!!!!
I especially enjoyed this


Faith said...

I only wear them under my long skirts. I have to agree... most people don't look good in them. As comfy as they are, they are not for larger women.

Anonymous said...

who cares what people think! if you enjoy it do it, i usually wear mine with dresses or a longer shirt i have it looks great, just make sure theres no shine in the leggings. Shiny leggings do no one justice

Haystacks said...

If you are wearing a long enough tunic (mid thigh) it looks great, otherwise it creates an unflattering line.

I say go for it, but don't get the ones with microfiber because those are always slipping down.