Tuesday, January 03, 2006

Eye of the Tiger

Lindsey and I had a great time in NY. Well, I did. And, while I was there, Lindsey and I discussed how this year, 2006, was going to be THE year of losing weight. We've said this many times before on previous new years, but this time we REALLY mean it. We'll we really hope we mean it.

So, because I'm so into this weight loss I went online to try to find some sort of exercise equipment. Because, let's be realistic, you can't lose weight without exercise...right?

Now, this is the fucked up part. All of the exercise equipment, that's in my price range that is, has a max weight limit of 200lbs. WEIGHT LOSS EQUIPTMENT NOT MADE FOR PEOPLE WHO ACTUALLY NEED TO LOSE WEIGHT.

I'll let you marinate in that for a while.


PastaQueen said...

Our treadmill is only for people up to 250 pounds, but I used it back when I was over 350, so take that as you will.

Ducky said...

Wow. I never even considered checking the weight limit on my mom's treadmill that I've been using. Boy, won't everyone be surprised if my fat ass breaks the damn thing.

Julie said...

You have the best exercise equipment already in your possession, and you can start today. Go outside and walk for 15 minutes at your own pace. Walk the mall if you're embarrassed to walk in your neighborhood. Or even walk in place in front of the TV. Start slow, get comfortable with doing just a little everyday and increase your time/pace when you're ready. It doesn't need to be this full on, balls to the wall program. You'll be amazed what just a little activity will do for you.

Anonymous said...

I think you missed the point, Julie.

TheHereAndNow said...

I agree, that is pretty darned retarded, but then I agree with Julie if that's the case, if you can't find anything. Walk, you can shed a significant amount by walking daily and then when you get down to a weight close to the limit, then treat yourself to some equipment or until then do exercise videos, buy some hand weights.

Anonymous said...

The site says L&E are not here to lose the weight, but to win our hearts, but this post says 2006 will be the year of weight loss...so, are we in a transition period?

Anonymous said...

The gym I exercise at has equipment with an "official" limit of 200 pounds, but I was over that when I started there (I didn't examine the equipment too closely, still working up my courage at that point) and I've seen plenty of people much larger than I was then (I'm short) using it, and nothing's ever broken.

They just don't want you to sue them if it breaks. Besides which, I guess 200 pounds is just a figure they pluck out of the air. I'd be amazed if they carefully engineered it to take 200 pounds and no more!

However you exercise, it's worth it, because after the initial period when you hate it, it makes you feel amazing. At least, that's the way it was for me.

T. Comfyshoes said...

And if you decide to go to the gym, where they *might* have more heavy-duty equipment, guess what you're going to find to wear.

(sound of crickets chirping)

And if you decide to take up swimming (I was 230lb when I started, 5'2") you don't do well in the swimsuit department either. What if I don't want 5yards of ruffles and bulge-control panels trying to make me a shape I'm not? What if all you want is something that covers the relevant bits and keeps them from flopping around too drastically? Because I'm, you know, swimming? Not lounging around on deck for people to look at?

The whole fat people should exercise or else they're lazy, but nobody is going to manufacture anything that would allow fat people to exercise in comfort, thing just pisses me off.

Trina said...

tr1c14-(and anyone else interested)
I came out of lurk mode just to say try Junonia.com. They have very nice, although fairly exspensive, work out wear and bathing suits for the fat girls. And almost fat models.

Butterfly said...

Ok, excecise equipment that isn't built for those who need to lose weight?!!!!!!
There has to be some sort of sick irony attatched to that!
It's like they are making fun!
Here's the treadmill that could help you lose hundreds of pounds.......if you weren't too damn fat to get on it!!! muahahahah!

Anonymous said...

I see the point, but I think Julie made a good one.

I lost a ton of weight by walking [and eventually, running] around my neighborhood. It's the best cardio there is, and it's FREE.

Good luck, girls!

EatingAin'tBad said...

It kind of goes along with the whole clothing for fat people only modeled on skinny women (how the hell am i supposed to know what that is going to look like on my butt or boobs if the model doesn't have an iota of either?). The cliches about fat people are rampant but you never hear "oh, those fat people, they've got good imaginations." You know we do - from years of trying to imagine what we'd look like in a 2x version of some size 0 model's outfit.
As for the exercise, I am pro-woman, pro-confidence, pro-health. I was a happy fat woman until I found out I had diabetes. I didn't get diabetes from being fat (that's another one of those lies people like to tell - there's a little thing called DNA in there too) but being fat will make my diabetes worse. So now I HAVE to exercise and eat differently. Scary crap.
I would recommend starting small and rewarding yourself big. Walking is excellent b/c it reminds you of how strong your body is and where your muscles are. Start at YOUR pace and try to feel all your muscles working. Don't think of yourself as a fat woman, think of yourself as a body of skin and muscles and tendons and try to get in touch with that. Weightloss will come as you walk. If you want more entertainment try women's gyms like Curves or Butterfly life. I've never been less than 200lbs when I went there and no machine has crumpled under my gigantor ass.
As for rewards: Don't walk in ugly sneakers - walk in fabulous, superfly, look at my shiny happy feet sneakers. Ditto on the socks and exercise clothes. Walk somewhere interesting so you have something good to look at. Walk to something (video store, mall, target, etc.).
Whatever you choose to do, try to get some enjoyment out of it even if it's scary. And as someone who just found out she's diabetic and suddenly HAS to do this crap - I know scary. So allow yourself to be pissed at the world or tired or sad or depressed, too. Blog it out.
Good luck and happy new year.

statusquo said...

Um... your blog just sucked up the last hour of my life.

You guys rock, hard.

nothing more nothing less.

from a fat girl

EatingAin'tBad said...

....and another thing.

I think you rock, too.
And I think you can continue to rock and be who you are and be true to yourself and expose society's cruelty to people of size and entertain us all and make us think no matter what size you are. So if you want to lose weight, go on with your bad self and don't let anyone, including yourself, sabotague (god, i can't spell) you. If you don't, then two thumbs up on that, too.

fatty mcgee said...

Um, we probably won't do anything regarding exercise or diet...but we like to talk a good game. Thanks for your support though!

Anonymous said...

I think the issue with Julie's post isn't the content but the tone. It's patronizing. I'm willing to assume that the entire post is well intentioned, but the tone of the post makes it clear that Julie wants to tell the Fatty girls how they should live their lives differently. I don't think they asked for advice.

Izzy said...

I don't like "eatingain'tbad"s flippant remark that diabetes arising from being overweight is a "lie" that "they" tell you. As much as I love the good old DNA excuse for my size this is just being a little too eager to pass the blame. Type 1 diabetes is genetic, as the pancreas do not produce or produce too little insulin. Type 2 diabetes is a vicious cycle that begins with having a high caloric intake and the excess body weight that generally goes along with it. Doctors can say you have a predisposition to it but it's not really genetic -- if your parents are overweight and/or diabetic then you probably learned poor eating habits from them.

Diabetes is influenced heavily (no pun intended) by weight, as is heart disease and countless other things. You can only blame DNA so much (as in "very little").

Anonymous said...

Two things:
1) The reason to exercise isn't weight loss. It's because you will feel better if you exercise. Find what your body likes to do - walk or swim or dance or bike or whatever

2) There's very good evidence for Type 2 diabetes being genetic and, in fact, for the insulin resistance involved in it to *cause* obesity. Studies of twins raised apart show that weight is about 80% genetic, not a matter of bad eating habits. The bad eating habits tend to result from dieting to lose the weight.

kateysmith said...

Gosh, I really want to disagree that weight is the only contribiting factor to diabetes II. My mother is very small, always has been and came down with type II 15 years ago. Her disease has been blamed on a virus that has attacked her pancreas. Her weight? Not a chance...

Sure the majority of type II Diabetics are over weight but there is a lot more to it than weight.

EatingAin'tBad said...

izzy -
I'm not "flippant" about diabetes. You know why? Because I have it. I live it, breathe it, feel it, deal with it, fight it, abhor it, care for it, despise it, and ponder it every minute of every freakin' day. No one knows what causes diabetes. NO ONE. The American Diabetes Association (which, pardon me for being a little bitchy, maybe my blood sugar is low, might have more information than you do) doesn't even know what causes it.
Did I get my Type II just b/c I was fat? No, but it helped. However, being diabetic probably also helped me get fat. Insulin resistence causes fat build up. It's like the chicken and the egg. Would you like to blame me for my disease or blame my disease for my weight?
Did I get diabetes just b/c of my DNA? No, but w/o my DNA I never would have gotten it (hence why there are thousands of woman my height and weight WITHOUT diabetes).
Is Type I genetic? SOMETIMES. Type I can also be caused by severe damage to the pancreas such as through a car accident, sport injury or virus.
Am I fat b/c my parents have poor eating habits and are overweight? Wow, holy generalization batman. My particular parents happen to be thin hippies who only eat tofu and organic vegetables. I happen to be fat for a number of reasons - two being medication and a bout of anorexia that messed up my metablolism.
Do thin people get Type II? Yes. Not that I wish diabetes on anyone, but being thin doesn't protect you from diabetes. Unfortunately, many thin people with Type II have to go on insulin b/c they can't control their blood sugar through weight loss.

So don't make puns. Don't blame me for my diabetes. Don't imply my doctors have been humoring me with all their scientific jargon abut the causes of diabetes. Don't write back and say I seem angry and have issues. You'll be right. I am angry and have issues with people who want to turn a life threatening disease that I work at every day to control into some kind of blame game.

Anonymous said...

Um...can't we all just get along?

Okay, I know we can't, or anyway won't...but the passion and sensitivity that this issue inspires are certainly a fascinating testament to the moral values our culture appends to the issues of size and weight. Even though it's stating the obvious, I'd like to mention that weight isn't connected in any way to morality; being fat is neither bad nor good. (Of course, it's not exactly fun or easy, either.) Diabetes: neither bad nor good nor easy nor fun. We don't have to be ashamed of it; we don't have to blame ourselves (or anybody else) for having it; we don't have to one-up each other on who's the most diabetic or the most informed. And surely it's okay for the authors either to choose to lose some weight or to choose not to; they're not betraying any of us either way.

Zynnya said...

Have you ever noticed that 'girdles' or 'control panties' don't (at least in Australia) come in sizes over about 20?!

Anonymous said...

350 pounds:

that's why I bought mine. I love it (as far as I can be said to love any exercise).

Anonymous said...

Wow! I've never responded to a post before. In fact, I almost never even read blogs. Yours is the only one I've come back to more than once. I have to tell you that your blog is fantastic, funny and entertaining, and so are you. And some of the posts you get in response are great too. But what drove me to write this post is that I can't believe how many people seem to think you're asking for advice! Your topic was hilarious. We've all felt the irony of scales that only go up to 200 lbs. or gyms really only catering to skinny people. It would have been fun to see a lot more responses to your actual topic, rather than some of the self-congratulatory exercise advice. If I've understood your blog correctly, the site is intended to be about the daily giggles and struggles of being fat. I'm with you, girls!