Sunday, September 24, 2006

Controversy and Pimping

As odd as it seems to us, our blog sometimes gets discussed and dissected in other forums. We love when that happens because we like watching the numbers on our site meter go up! But we do find it peculiar that our blog is sometimes referred to as controversial.

Since when does a blog about fatness have to be about either dieting or fat acceptance? We don't live our lives in either of those realms. Thus, our blog (which is not fake as has hysterically been suggested a number of times!) is about our honest feelings about being fat. What is so controversial about that?

We think most of our loyal readers understand what we write about, but it's sort of funny that new readers don't seem to know what to think!

And so, on a barely related topic...please tell any friends, co-workers, relatives, or sworn enemies to read Fatty McBlog if you think they might enjoy it!


Anonymous said...

I have always viewed this blog as my dirty little secret! I enjoy reading you guys so much, but I have never told anyone about it even my best friend because I was ashamed that they would think I was fat. But I am fat! And this blog is so much like my life that because of this I have decided to send a mass email to all of my friends because this is funny and smart writing and most of all it it about me - and I am going to stop hiding right now.

I hope this made sense. I for some reason just got very emotional.

Thanks for writing! I will try to get you some new readers.

recorded_time said...

I just linked to your blog on Fatshionista, a community on Livejournal. So this post is really, really weird! (And by "weird" I mean "Holy coincidence Batman")

K.C. said...

A blog about fatness DOES NOT have to be about dieting or fat acceptance. Don't worry about it, many people appriciate your honesty.

Anonymous said...

I think it's funny how many folks come here with preconceived notions and judgements. And the diet advice! As if we haven't heard every diet advice ever invented before. There are no new diet tips, period, dot. WE KNOW THEM ALL. But most people mean so well. And I've been guilty of leaving diet advice too, way back when.

Some pre-conceived notions that are wrong:

- everyone reading / commenting is a woman
- everyone reading / commenting is fat
- everyone who likes this blog is into fat acceptance
- everyone who likes this blog has some sort of problem with food

Wrong, wrong, wrong.


Anonymous said...

I cannot imagine why it is viewed as controversial. To me it is amazing because it is as if you know me. I soooo identify with all the things you are going through. Really, it is uncanny. I have a link to you on my blog, small, and never read as it is...:)

Thank you for always being here. I am totally rooting for you to be happy, and I look forward to every entry!!

Stacia said...

I can definitely see why people would consider the blog controversial. Especially for people like me who are of the fat acceptance community, it's confusing to say the least. There are many, MANY posts here about wishing people would accept you because of or despite your weight. You want to be fat and accepted. Yet you're afraid to be labelled as a "fat acceptance" blog, for whatever reason.

I've had readers comment to me several times when I've said "fat acceptance things", telling me this isn't a fat acceptance blog so my ideas aren't welcome here. It's very hostile and confusing. We read that you just want some nice guy to accept you for who you are, but we're told fat acceptance has no place here.

I hope that makes sense.

I do enjoy this blog a lot and I hope I don't come across as wanting you to change. I just mean that I can see where controversy might be generated.

PastaQueen said...

I don't think it's controversial so much as unusual. Typically if you're a fat person who dislikes being fat you're also too ashamed to talk about it openly. Most fat people will only talk about being fat if they are either 1) actively trying not to be fat or 2) given up on being thin all together. Which is one of the reasons I like your blog so much - you're stuck in fat purgatory. You don't want to be fat anymore, but you don't know how to become thin, which is where so many fat people live their lives. I think that's why so many people relate to this blog.

Neekeela said...

I love your blog because most of the time I'm right there with you. Not quite accepting my fat body and not quite exercising/dieting to take the weight off and mostly railing against my middling head space. I've told all my friends about your site--fat or thin. Almost everything you talk about resonates with me, regardless of my size.