Wednesday, September 06, 2006

Start a Revolution!

The Craigslist Ad:

Freelance Jeans Designer

Reply to: Date: 2006-09-06, 11:05AM PDT
Newly formed Mark Penn wear is looking for a fresh designer for a small line of mens/women jeans. Please email us for more details.

The Idea:

We think it would be sort of funny and possibly constructive if people who read this blog would email the people who posted the ad. Don't you wish you had a say in what type of fat girl jeans were sold? Now is your chance! Write them an email with what you wish fat girl jeans were like, and post your emails in the comment section for all to read!


Anonymous said...

Dear MP Jeans,
You should consider creating a line a jeans for the different body types of plus sized women. For instance, onem ay have more room in the waist while remaining tight in the leg. Us fat girls need some help! Please create some cute fat girl jeans which are different from what is already out there on the market!

Sam said...

Dear MP Jeans,

I thought I would write to you to suggest the making of a new fat girl jean. I have skinny legs but a big ol' belly. Can you make a jean that has smaller legs and a bigger waistband? What about jeans with an elastic waist band? I think you and I could be on to something...together. Get back to me and we'll design the worlds most fabulous fat girl jeans. We'll be rich!



littlem said...

Dear MP Jeans:

Please do for us what Men's Wearhouse does for the guys that walk out of Men's Wearhouse looking great in their clothes.

Have tailors on staff in the fitting rooms when we're trying stuff on, and build the cost of the tailoring into the price of the jean.

Also, please have 32" as well as 30" inseams.

And dark wash only please.

(We can streak, cut, and/or bleach them ourselves if we want them to look lighter or are bleeding-edge fashionistas.)

Stretch built into the demin is good too.

That way, you will make lots of money and we will all look hot in your jeans.

Thank you.

Peggy said...

Dear MP Jeans,

I would like your new jeans to include a special bag in the front to hold my pannus. To accommodate this, I think the zipper should be moved to either or both sides.

Normally my pannus skin rubs against my pelvic skin and get hot, sweaty, and itchy. A pannus bag would allow a sort of "waistline" or "beltline" to cut up to the point where the pannus laps over, and then the fabric would reverse direction to go down again to form the bag to hold the pannus. There would be a true waist or belt line about at my elbows where everything comes back together.

The interior of the pannus bag should be lined with microfleece, preferably from Malden Mills.

The exterior of the pannus bag could include some cute embroidery or perhaps little pockets.

Sincerely yours.

Brad said...

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jen said...

Torrid already sells some pretty fierce plus-sized jeans.

jen said...

P.S. on the picture illustrating this post, the button fly looks a mile long. If I were the model in that photo, the top button would be touching my chin. I really hope they don't bring back those ultra high-rise jeans -- they make everyone look like a soccer mom.

Anonymous said...

Amen Jen!! I can't stand those mom jeans. Do people really wear those things and find them attractive/comfortable?

jen said...

I remember wearing them in the 80s, and I think some people kept theirs, because I see them on the same people who still wear Mall Hair.

Friggas Own said...

I love high rise jeans because my belly comes to a little pouch and a low rise jean means it hangs out, where a high rise jean means it's covered up. High risers fit me the way normal jeans fit other people. I have to buy my jeans in tall sizes to cover the pouch.

I love the idea of a company that makes jeans to fit different types of women's bodies. Bring back the wide, straight, and flare legged jeans too, I miss them!

Anonymous said...

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