Friday, January 06, 2006

Magical Fat

There is a restaurant very close to my home that I frequent. The place has very good food and, believe it or not, is a very healthy eatery. So obviously, it's very trendy and very Los Angeles and if it weren't for the good food and the location, I'd never go there. They have great chicken, great healthy salads*. Basically, it would be very easy to go in there and eat a low caloric, low fat meal.

But, I'm fat and when I go there I somehow manage to order the most fattening thing on the menu (This chicken wrap with mayo, cheese, avocado, dressing and more cheese...and for fun, pasta on the side that's basically in a mayo sauce). I'm still in shock. I still don't know how I do this. I think I have super powers that make everything I eat at least 1,000 calories and about 50 grams of fat more than what it originally was.

*I don't know about you, but I can eat a salad that's over 5,000 calories very easily


Anonymous said...

taken from the below post:

Lindsey and I discussed how this year, 2006, was going to be THE year of losing weight.

its only January 6, did you forget your resolution!!

Laura Bora from Bufadora said...

I suffer from the same phenomenon. It's amazing how much a little cheese and sour cream can add to something as mild as vegetarian chili.

Erin said...

Hey anonymous, of course they forgot their resolutions. What the hell else are you supposed to do with a resolution? KEEP it? BWAHAHAHAHA. It must be incredibly dull and lonely over there in Perfectville.

floradoragirl37 said...

When I go out I have sushi and fat free frozen yogurt. I enjoy that more than a fattening meal anytime. Unfortunately, overly fatty foods give me a stomach ache.

Anonymous said...

To FloraDoraGirl:

Do you think these girls enjoy comments like that? You're basically telling them that you like skinny food and I don't think they like people who like skinny food.

How great it must be to not crave french're so amazing! Wow!

Julie said...

Anonymous honey, you need to find a way to control that anger.

~pal~ said...

Haa haa.. thats amazing... i think everyone does that though! I know i do!! Where is the love in the comments??? We should be supportive of each other, not tearing each other down!!! ALL GIRLS UNITE!!!! and guys too!!

BigBetty said...

Ha! Yes, I do that as well and love to eat all the cheese, mayo, butter, hollandaise sauce I can get. I usually ask for it on the side as well as on the order.

Yes I eat healthy, what could be healthier than Asparagus smothered in Hollandaise sauce and have a nice, rare juicy steak that you can dip into the Hollandaise as well. Come on....repeat after me......fat food is delicious.

anji said...

hello fatty mcgees! Long time observorer, first time commenter :D


It's funny what we sometimes think is healthy, actually can turn into a heart-attack-on-a-plate. I go through the same thing and while I *think* i am eating healthy, I'm actually doing worse than if I just ate a (small) bag of chips!

Maybe next time you go, try something different! Make it a mental mind-game or something, to try something new each time. Do they have a pamphlet with calories or something that indicates a healthier choice?

Perhaps try that, and - if you are really digging the chicken wrap, maybe make it at home, using lower-fat alternatives!

Good luck with it all!

P.S. Do you think you can maybe sign the entries with whoever writes it? Sometimes I wonder if you're just one person with split personality, haha or what! For a poor canadian girl with a fried-from-school brain, it just helps a bit, hehe.... take 'er easy!

floradoragirl37 said...

Dear anonymous (up above)
Actually I don't always eat skinny food, and Im not trying to make anyone feel badly. I just stated what I like to eat when I go out. I hope that's not offensive to anyone -- that I enjoy sushi and frozen yogurt?
I have gotten food poisoning and felt ill after eating fatty foods. That is a fact.
I just think that if you're that angry that I eat sushi, I would advise you to seek counselling

Ducky said...

I'm fat and I like sushi too! Sushi is only as healthy as you make it. Some sushi has a good amount of mayo. It also depends on if you use soy sauce and if so, how much. Also, you can overeat when going out for sushi like you can eating anything else. The only downside is that sushi can be kind of expensive.

Of course, so can a delicious steak and potatoes...

floradoragirl37 said...

Not to mention, ducky
TEMPURA!!! I have to have a few pieces when I have sushi. There's an awsome little place my bf and I love to go on Saturdays for lunch and they give you so much food you almost bust!
I don't think there is such a thing as Skinny or Fat foods. Food is just food. I enjoy it like everyone else.

Shannon said...

if i really wanted to, a 5000 cal salad would be gone in a heartbeat!
I jumped on the diet blog bandwagon, I'll be back to read up on yours!