Thursday, January 26, 2006

Oral Fixation

Last Friday I started to get a horrible toothache where, more than 7 years ago, I had a root canal. By Monday, I was in so much pain that rescheduled the dentist for that day, instead of waiting for Friday.

Like most people, I hate the dentist. So, when my dentist said what I had was technically an emergency and that I was to see a specialist that same day, I was a bit startled. As mentioned before, I'm a hypochondriac, so when a Dr. says it's an emergency, I flip the fuck out. Long story short, I had an infection in my jaw bone and something had to be done ASAP about it. So, two days later, I drove myself to the doctor's office, had my surgery which was nasty and painful, and went home. But, because I'm a little sick in the head, I kept thinking, through a vast amount of pain I must add, about how this is sort of going to be awesome because I wouldn't be able to eat!!! I could lose some weight and maybe that would kick start me into full on diet.

But, that didn't happen. First of all, I keep taking advantage of the fact that I have to eat with my meds or I'll totally get nauseated. And, I found out that not matter what ailment, I can find a way to eat. Even though my mouth only opened a certain amount because of a sore jaw, I could still compact the food into small bites and stuff them into my mouth and chew on the opposite side of the surgery area.

I actually ended up eating more with this ailment than on a normal day. I amaze me.

Oh, I forgot to mention that Super Model RACHEL HUNTER was at the dentist as, that made me feel even fatter...Nothing like sitting next to a super model to make you feel fat!



Jackie said...

Sorry about your jaw, but I never see famous people where I live. It must be so cool!!!

littlem said...

Emily, are you in L.A. or New York? I have a genius dentist in upstate New York, but he is an hour and a half from my slog-a-day life here in Manhattan, and all the other dentists I've ever visited here are arrogant pr... well, anyway, if you are here (I must confess I just started reading you ladies yesterday and am not quite sure of my characters, although you BOTH ROCK SO HARD), please share what dentist it is. Then we can make faces at the skinny models on the way out.

Tylenol with codeine is helpful after oral surgery. You don't want to know how I know. Hope you feel better.

Anonymous said...

Once, for a couple of days, I had this weird thing where it HURT to eat, inside it felt like I was eating ground up glass. But I was still soooo hungry, that pain didn't keep me from eating. Sigh.

Anonymous said...

Stacy's mom. Nice.