Thursday, January 12, 2006

We're Getting HUGE!

It's true, we're getting all meanings of the phrase. About a month ago we received an email from a lovely lady urging us to try Dannon Light 'n Fit yogurt. I like yogurt as much as any other person, and to be quite honest, my morning oatmeal has become so routine that it's just plain boring now. So, I'm willing to try anything new.

This lovely lady sent me a huge box filled with Dannon Light 'n Fit yogurt this morning. And you know what? It's really good and such a nice break from my morning oatmeal. I know I sound like a pimp, but, I'm just being honest. I like the Strawberry/Banana personally and it's like, 60 calories which I could work off by walking up a flight of stairs...not that I'm going to, but I could.

Another thing this great lady told me about, taxes!!!! Check this out:

H&R Block will kick off the tax season by launching National Tax Advice Day, a nationwide initiative to raise public awareness of the major changes or missed credits that have the greatest impact on taxpayers. H&R Block tax professionals will be hitting the streets across America all week, delivering free advice on how you can deduct the cost of losing weight!

That's right, deduct the cost of losing weight. Now, because I'm a pack rat, I sadly have all my receipts from Weight Watchers...(I know, I'm creepy), but HELLO! I'm not so creepy anymore!

So, this lovely woman is my new best friend, (sorry Lindsey). Thank you lovely lady for my yogurt and for my tax deduction!



WWW.TAX2020.COM said...

Yup, tax time is almost here.

Stephanie said...

I cannot believe how hilarious you are! I know that many situations in life bring on humor and I think you are doing exceptional! I'm new to blogging, so your site is giving me some great ideas.

P.S. Sarcastic humor is my specialty!

Christi Nielsen said...

I trust that you truly like the yogurt and aren't selling out.

Michelle said...

Thanks for the tax advice. I would have never thought about writing off my Weight Watcher dues. I didn't save my receipts but I'll go by memory and hope I don't get audited!

floradoragirl37 said...

I'm really glad that you are feeling better. The last post sounded so sad. Yogurt is a wonderful healthy food that is delicious! I love the strawberry vanilla myself.

Anonymous said...

I thought the previous entry was written by Lindsey because Emily signs her posts.
If you two just listened to your adoring fans, you would let us know who writes what. But I still love you both the same.

Sarah said...

I got free samples of the preggo womans ensure because of my blog. It rocked! Fre stuff, AND it was good :)