Wednesday, February 22, 2006

Fatty McCarroll

Gay, fat, and funny are 3 of my favorite 5 things in a man and I found them all in my re-ignited obsession with Jay McCarroll.

Can I just say that for my next crush, I would really like to enjoy a straight man. I mean, I love all my gay men, but I would like to have a crush on a guy who might want to have sex with a girl. I am like the worlds most perfect gaydar...if I like you: You're gay! It's been true since high school, and it continues to this day. Case in point: Jay McCarroll, last seasons Project Runway winner...

Holly crap!!! I can't get enough of this man. He's funny, creative, chubby, bitchy, adorable, and of course gay! He is all of my favorite things rolled into one entertaining package. Tonight he was featured on Project Jay on Bravo tv, and he sang a little ditty about about how he is a chunker, and I seriously wanted to make love to him in the back of the cab he was sitting in. That would really be a sight worthy of reality tv, let me tell you!

So Jay, if you decide to google your name (we all do it) and you happen to come upon this site, this is me wooing you: I live in the city and while you won't want to fuck me, I really do think we would have a hilarious time together, and maybe I could get you to design something fabulous for this here fat girl... Think about it, I guarantee that if you make me something (with all of the free time you have) that all 500 of the people who read this blog daily and have a vagina will buy your (fictional) awesome fat girl clothes. Which you would hate since you are a designer and thus take an oath to only clothe skinny chicks, but show us fat girls some love...give us some hot fat girl clothes!!! I love buttons and hoodies! (and apparently exclamation points)!

Email me Jay!!!


Anonymous said...

I watched that tonight and I love Jay too!
I would love to see what he could design for us - his fat sistas.

Jenna said...

I love his button bags too.
I hope he emails you!

vegancore said...

Oh man. I love Jay so much. There are not words.

LoRi~fLoWer said...

He cracked me up on Project Jay and I didn't even watch Project Runway. I hope he makes it big and gives those designers with sticks up their arses something to worry about.

hopefulloser said...

I love hoodies too! (and exclamation points)