Monday, February 13, 2006

I love these...

We tried to promote our little blog when we first motivated to write about our fat, and that effort is perhaps how many of you found Fatty McBlog. But a few others just happened onto this site, and these are a few of the search phrases used to find us. I get a kick out of these search terms:

- skinny people poop more
- where to get flaming hot cheetos in nyc
- are bananas fatty?
- fat horsey play
- eating belly button zipper
- fat pannus fat
- mariah is fat now
- chocolate addiction treatment
- pepperoncini pronounce
- how to become bulimic and be skinny


GoBetty said...

I originally came here for some advice on how to dump a non-boyfriend. I was THRILLED to find fattymcblog when my search result gave me a link to the Big Ass Booty Calls entry. Although I didn't really get the advice I was hoping for, I got SO MUCH MORE when I got totally addicted to your blog. I relate heavily (no pun).

Anonymous said...

I got here from a link from

It is a vaguely vulgar site for adolescent males of all ages who love fat women.

I go there to bask in their adoration of bellies and breasts. I am so glad that my big ass, overhung belly, with pendulous breasts body type is popular with someone.

Sue said...

Weird! No other word for it.

Anonymous said...


Jeez...those are some...*odd* search requests...

Sad to say, I did find your blog a few years ago while looking for eating disorder help...

Happy to say, I've never regretted my finding! Ah, I could chuckle days away here; wasting time I should be using on English papers that are due in, oh, about 3 hours.

lol. I think most people find this place to be a pleasant the circumstance.

T. Comfyshoes said...

I can't remember how I found you, but be assured it was love at first sight!

Anonymous said...

LOL. I just found your blog tonight and the subject I had searched for was how to get rid of the skin discoloration from your inner thighs that is cause by your legs rubbing together (which by the way I never found the answer too). Your blog came up as one of the search results.....its fantastic! -Jill

Shelly said...

You know, I have to agree - ever since Mariah got divorced and got the boob job (and turned from sweet singer to massive hobag) she actually gives the distinct impression that she's packed on some weight. Of course, when you look at her parts separately, she's still tiny.

Personally, I just think she went overboard with the boob job. As they say, "less is more."

Just thought I'd comment on the whole Mariah Carey thing.

And what's up with "how to become a bulimic"? You're kidding, right? You, out there, who actually took the time to type that into a search engine...are not bright enough to be bulimic if you seriously need to ask that question. (Of course, if you're bulimic, you're not too bright, either, so follow the next piece of advice...) Go find a therapist - you need some help!

Jan said...

Jill: you can try hydroquinone cream - the kind people use to "erase freckles". I used it on a discoloration on the back of my neck from PCOS and it worked.