Monday, November 28, 2005


I love lists! I love to make them, I love to re-read them, and occasionally I love to cross things off of them. One of my favorite aspects of my Netflix membership is I get to make a list of movies to put in my queue which designates the order in which I receive my movies. Yes, I am a dork. ..

Recently while perusing my list I took notice of the "ratings" given by other Netflix customers to the movies in my queue. Most of them have pretty high ratings, ranging from between 4-41/2 stars out if 5. However, it came to my attention that 3 of the movies on my list had only 2 1/2 or 3 stars. Which movies were these? Only the ones which had the word FAT in the title!

That's right! Fat Chance, Fat Girl, and Fat Actress have the lowest ratings of all 79 movies in my queue! Now I ask you, is that because Netflix members have issues with foreign films, documentaries, and that girl from Cheers? Or is it simply that having the word FAT in a title means ratings death?

I guess it's possible that these movies and shows just suck (and having never seen them I can't give an opinion about that) but EVERYTHING else in my queue has a higher rating! Coincidence? I think not!

I for one seek out books, movies, and songs about fatness. But my movie list doesn't lie...FAT on screen is as unpopular as fat in real life!


Skye said...

That is so funny! And so true! Fat Actress was a great show!

m said...

Fat Girl very likely has a low rating because it is disastrously bad. For real. The screenwriter dies about an hour in and they just keep going!

Christi Nielsen said...

Wow - so interesting. I've never seen those shows - yes, I'm a loser without cable. But I agree - hard to cough that up to a coincidence.

cherree said...

I haven't seen "Fat girl", but the french title is "To my sister!", so... odd translation. It might have a bad rating b/c Catherine Breillat is usually very controversial, some people like her some people detest her violently.
I saw the first episode of "Fat actrees" on Yahoo, when it first came out (the ep. was on their site for about a week), and I hated it. Really hated it.
So I really think it's a coincidence.
Damn that Fat actress show was baaaaaad.

mo pie said...

Hey, what about My Big Fat Greek Wedding?

folkyou said...

Fat Girl was... freaky. I wouldn't give it more than a 3 myself, and I'm supafat.

Anonymous said...

"Fat Girl" was the first movie I got when I subscribed to Netflix a year ago. It ripped my heart right out of my chest; I truly understood the poor young girl and her way of thinking, up to and including the bitter end.

Keep it in your queue, please.