Monday, November 28, 2005

Very Mean Lindsey

Lindsey is feeling blue blue that she asked me what I weighed and like a retard, I told her. Now she's not talking to me. That's right...NOT TALKING TO ME! I've called her, from work mind you, about 27 times. She won't pick up...she is, therefore, hurting my feelings a ton. So, I'm asking you, our readers, all 3 of you, to write her a little message telling her that she shouldn't hate me...and that she should be nice to her bestest friend, because I'm very fat, and she somehow thinks this is a lie.


Ducky said...

Ladies, be nice to each other. Don't make me turn this internet around!

Lindsey said...

An intentional perversion of truth for the purpose of inducing another in reliance upon it to part with some valuable thing belonging to him or to surrender a legal right; a false representation of a matter of fact, whether by words or by conduct, by false or misleading allegations, or by concealment of that which should have been disclosed, which deceives and is intended to deceive another so that he shall act upon it to his legal injury. Brainerd Dispatch Newspaper Co v. Crow Wing County, 196 Minn. 194, 264 N.W. 779, 780.

Eve said...

My best friend and I fight about something similar all the time. Because she is always trying to convince me that she is fat too plus she weighs a lot more than me. But she is an athlete and about a foot taller than me and built much differently than me (she has big hips and a small flat tummy and I have a huge tummy). Anyway basically I am trying to say that weight really means nothing. So don't be angry Lindsey. :)

Emily said...


Seriously, I have horrible things about my fat body that Lindsey doesn't have:

1. My brown ring...around my belly...she doesn't have one! And, it's fucking gross

2. Underware that don't fit...I'm too lazy and poor right now to get underware that do fit. My undies roll down because they are too small. She doesn't have this problem.

3. She doesn't have to hang out with Laura, Miss. Skinny girl of the Universe

4. A skinny sister-in-law

5. An addiction to butter.

So Lindsey, be nice to me!

cherree said...

Oh Lindsey, come on, play nice!
Don't hate Emily, please? For me?

Now, stop reading, I gotta whisper something into Emily's ear:

Do you have a pet? Hold it with one hand, get on the scale, take a picture of the number with the other hand, post the picture of the number, that should make her happy. You could say: "Oh my god, I can't beleive I gained 25 pounds since this morning"
If you don't have a pet, a big jug of water should do it. Or better yet, a piano, heh.

~pal~ said...

what was said in this site one time about all overweight people accepting each other reguardless of how over weight or not one was??? come on girlies... heed your own advice!!!

The Magnet said...

Please please please kiss and make up? I'll cry if you don't.

Amber said...


I'm going to open my big, fat, mouth here...

Lindsey, it is YOUR OWN DAMN FAULT that this whole situation happened. Because you asked. It's not like she's running around flaunting her weight in your face or something. You asked her a question and since she TRUSTS YOU, she told you. And didn't lie about it... which is more than I can say with any of my friends.

Now, what are you doing? Twisting it all around and getting pissed at her for being honest with you? Making her suck up and resort to begging the internet to intercede on her behalf?

Look, bottom line is this: you asked. If you didn't want to know, you shouldn't have bothered to ask the question. Also, every woman carries her weight differently - a number is simply that, a number. How you look is another thing altogether which is influenced by bone structure, height, etc. And most important of all... is a fight really worth a friendship?!

I come to this site to be reminded that I'm not alone. That there are other fluffy, charming, witty, funny, BEAUTIFUL people out there just like me. That everyday things my weight affects isn't something that is solely on my shoulders. For a variety of reasons. I feel like I'm a part of something here... and you and Emily have created that "something" together.

Now. It's time to buck up, be an adult, and reach out to the person who has cried with you through the lows and laughed with you through the highs.

As fluffy women, we have enough problems without adding to them by alienating the people that have seen us at our worst and love us anyway. Don't you agree?

Good luck to the both of you.

Christi Nielsen said...

At the risk of receiving what would be considered online eggs on the front door -

Get over it - if you have to tiptoe around someone like this, move on. It's not worth it.

Of course, this is why I normally don't get along with women. I like directness - they don't.

We haven't been given all the info - but it appears from these posts that one of you has lost some weight and the other one is upset. If one is truly upset about the other's weightloss, then she really isn't a friend. Let her get over it or move on.

HOWEVER - don't judge too quickly. Just this evening I was so upset with a new friend who seemed to never call me back when I needed something, but who always managed to call when she needed something. It turns out that she lost her cell phone for the last 2 weeks and I've been irritated for nothing. She never even received those messages. How stupid do I feel?

mygreenirisheyes said...

"So, in case it isn't obvious, we are two people, actually two best friends. Two fat friends who like discussing our fattness and don't do anything productive to not be as fat ... for we are also lazy.

Ive read all night the tales you two have talked about and honestly dont remember the last time I laughed so hard I couldn't breath, and wiped tears out of my eyes...

Look at the bigger picture...
You're best friends...
You can work things out...

Anonymous said...

Lindsey- talk to us, even if you won't talk to your bestest fattest friend (all of which is said in the nicest most tongue in cheek manner possible, because I love reading this blog and don't want anyone mad or not posting).
A fan from Paris France

Anonymous said...

ummm I'm a little confused. Why exactly would Lindsey be mad at you if you told her your weight??

Please make up soon! I love your blog.

Sam said...

I don't see the big problem, so one of you is a pig and the other's a cow? You're both fat, now hug and be friends ;)

Tim said...

I think you both should just chill out and make up. So you're fat. BIG DEAL!! I think you both live your lives dwelling too much on your size. I'm a fatboy and don't give it a second thought when I wake up in the morning until I go to bed. It's not who I am. Just relax and enjoy the benefits of your fatness. We stay warmer in the winter, have built in cushions wherever we sit, can look tougher than we are, and lets face it, playing with our blubber is kinda sensual (there I said it!).

Lindsey said...

Emily is sort of a major drama queen for putting that posting up here. Friends fight, friends make up. But thanks for your kind words!

Emily said...

It's true, I loves me some the way, this fight happens at least once a week.

Michelle said...

Fight! Fight! Fight! Fight!

Anonymous said...

Oh, come now. We heart you guys.
Here, look at the kitty:
Doesn't that make you feel better?
Here, one more time:

The kitty is a friend who loves his friends no matter how much bigger their non-neutered packages are.


Ok. I've got a better one:
His dance will make everything better!
<(" )>

Anonymous said...

How weird???!!!

floradoragirl37 said...

Im just wondering if your whole friendship is based on your weight issues?
It somehow seems to me that you both share that in common,
I don't think that Lindsay has a right to be mad at you over something that isn't your fault. I don't often like to comment like that, but is it possible she's jealous because you weigh less? It just seems so petty and small
I do hope that you girls make up. Good friends are really hard to find.
Good luck, girls

Anonymous said...

Um, so how much do you gals weigh, anyway?


cm said...

yeah, i didn't want to ask but... I'm curious. you could maybe give us a ballpark figure, you know, "starting with a 2", or "starting with a three", heh

Anonymous said...

OK really, is this that Lindsey weighs more than Em and she thought she weighed less? I am really confused!

My best friend and I differ about 25lbs and only ONE inch. I am taller and heavier. But we look really different so no one ever belives that the difference is a large bag of dog food. I tell her how much I weigh and she tells me. I am never anything but supportive of her through thick and thin chicks so LET IT GO!

Love you two!

mainja said...

i sort of feel like people missed the point on this. also, i read it completely differently, i read it that lindsay didn't believe how much emily weighed. but i also think it was all pretty much a joke.

as for the person who asked if the friendship was based on being fat 'cause it seemed that way, um, guys, this is a blog about being fat, i can't imagine it is meant to encompass their whole life. which of you shares your whole life on your blog? okay, some people do, but the blogs that tell you *everything*, kind of long and a tough slog to get through.

floradoragirl37 said...

I just have to say, the reason why I asked about weight being the main reason for the friendship is: Why else would someone be angry or upset because their best friend told them their weight? I think it's just silly.
I just said it because if there was more, it would seem to me, that it wouldn't bother Lindsay.
I blog as well, and don't put my whole life out there. Many, many bloggers, however, do seem to put a lot of personal stuff out there.
What happened between the girls was personal and had nothing to do with the blog.
Lindsay would have been upset with EMily whether they had the blog or not.

mygreenirisheyes said...

Hey girls... Wheredidjago??