Wednesday, November 16, 2005

Tons Of Bellies, Bellies Of Tons

Seems as though everyone is pregnant. Jennifer Garner is about to burst any day now. My sister-in-law has a little over a month to go. And, this beautiful woman that lives in my building whom I'm friendly with is due in 5 weeks.

Elizabeth lives 3 floors up from me. Her husband is a plastic surgeon, and I'm not really sure if she works at all. Elizabeth, normally, is a small and thin Asian woman. Simply gorgeous. We have lovely chats sometimes when we get home at the same time and ride the elevator together. She knows that my sister-in-law is with-child, and usually asks me hows her pregnancy is going. This time I got really creepy though.

I told her than my sister-in-law, usually a size 0, is really uncomfortable with her expanding belly and what a shame I thought that was (creepy move #1). Then I told her that if you're pregnant, you should be pregnant and enjoy it off because it's your one chance to be fat (creepy move #2).

But, the creepiest comment of my elevator ride with Elizabeth was when I made my exit. I told her, and I quote:

"Okay, goodnight. ENJOY YOUR BELLY!"

Yeah, I said that. A fat girl told a normally skinny girl that she should enjoy her belly. She gave me the weirdest look. I felt awkward. I dread my elevator now.


Mindy said...

I agree with you!!! Enjoy your belly!!!! I'm a big girl anyway, AND I'm 6 1/2 months pregnant!!! 2 time winner!!! Yea, gaining more weight sucks, but when your skinny to start with, please just suck it up and enjoy it!! You have an excuse, so it's not like people will be talking about what a fat cow you've become! So I say, yes, by all means, LOVE THE BELLY!!!!
I don't think you made a creepy move at all.

PastaQueen said...

Well, there's as good of a good a reason to take the stairs as you'll ever find. I started taking the stairs to my office about a month ago just to avoid inane elevator chitchat. Really, how often can I talk about the weather before I stab my eyes out?

Anonymous said...

I absolutely don't think that was creepy. And I'm formerly skinny (teen years), currently nowhere-near-skinny. But I have skinny friends that worked really hard to stay skinny and LOVED being pregnant because it gave them that time to enjoy their belly. Keep taking the elevator. :)

Vanessa said...

Considering your blog (which I really like), this might sound weird, but I think your comment reflects a level of acceptance about bellies in general. It is NOT a creepy comment at all.

What IS creepy is that pregnant women are feeling pressure to stay skinny during their pregnancy. It is so ridiculous that our skinny obsessed society is now targeting pregnant woman, PREGNANT WOMEN who are nurturing babies!! I blame all the celebrity news trash that applauds stars who lose baby weight quickly.

Mindy said...

I agree w/ Vanessa! There is too much pressure on pegnant women these days to stay small while pregnant! I'm over weight to begin with, and I'm 6 1/2 months pregnant, now! I, too, think that you should enjoy your belly when you're pregnant. Maybe you don't feel gorgeous all the time, but it's a beautiful thing to have that pregnant belly!
And, I don't think that you made any creepy comments at all! What was so bad about it?
Acceptance is key!