Thursday, July 21, 2005

What the Fat Do...

This is what happens when you cannot get the food you want, when you want it.

June 22, 2005

P.O. Box 660634
Dallas, TX 75266-0634

Re: Your Amazing Flaming Hot Cheetos

To Whom It May Concern:

It is a mystery why your amazing Flaming Hot Cheetos are not sold in New York City. I am writing on behalf of my best friend in the whole world, Lindsey. She is an amazing girl. She's extremely intelligent, thoughtful and gracious.

My name is Emily. I am Lindsey's best friend. I live in Los Angeles, California where I was born and raised. I have known Lindsey for over 10 years. Because we are so close, I send her care packages. And, what you ask is in these care packages? FLAMING HOT CHEETOS. It has come to our attention that you do not sell Flaming Hot Cheetos in New York City. Why?

During Lindsey's time in New York City, many of her friends from college, all from California mind you, have moved to New York City to continue their education, and all of them are going through horrible withdrawal from your amazing product.

My letter is to propose that you either start selling Flaming Hot Cheetos in New York City, send them your own care package of Flaming Hot Cheetos, (I'm a student too, and sadly, I can't afford to keep sending these care packages), or come up with a better way to get them your wonderful treats. If they are, in fact, sold in New York City, could you please advise us where to purchase them? We have been searching high and low and have come up Flaming Hot Cheeto-less. Let's work together in spreading the love that is Flaming Hot Cheetos.

Thank you for your time,

Emily on befalf of Lindsey

The Outcome:

About two weeks later I got a letter in the Mail from Frito-Lay's Customer Service Center applogizing for my hardship. Enclosed was many coupons for all of the wonderful Frito-Lay products AND by using a program called "Snack-finder", they forwarded me a list of stores in NYC that carried Flammin' Hot Cheetos.

I cannot say enough wonderful things about the Frito-Lay Company. Not only were they helpful in my quest for their wonderful snack, but they felt my pain of being poor and encluded coupons! Does it get better than that? I don't think so.


jwilson07 said...

I live in Bakersfield California(insert laughter here) and out side of our fair city we have a massive Frito Lay plant. It supplies most of southern california with those tasty snacks. Anyhoo I wanted to say that during the hilodays, and thru the year also, they supply the local churches and food bans\ks with TONS of packs of their products. So I will have to agree they are a pretty nice group of people. Perhaps you might consider a career with them after college?

Jess said...

and i thought I was the only one who wrote letters to random companies.

Wal-Mart is this close to getting a restraining order on me.


Regina said...

So THAT'S where all the customer service is.

GoBetty said...

Ya'll - have to tried UTZ's? They are the freakin' best - the Grandma UTZ's brand are cooked in LARD. YES!

Haystacks said...

I am never going to stop laughing

Jane said...

I now have massive amounts of respect for Frito-Lay. That's some kick-ass customer service right there!

(I bet it was because you were extremely pleasant in your letter and didn't cuss them out the way that most people probably would have. Being nice pays off!)

Anonymous said...

I'm in the same predicament. Could you kindly let me know where in NYC one can buy Flamin' Hos?

The snackfinder website doesn't seem to be working for me. Thanks much..your blog is hilarious.

Anonymous said...

I meant Flamin' HotS...aye freudian slip!
- Carl

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