Thursday, September 08, 2005

Giddy Up, Fatty Part Deux

On my recent vacation, I also went to DisneyWorld. I was happy to learn that I had not yet outgrown the rides. This was a big relief considering I thought I was way over the limit and was eager to prove that hypothesis true. But I knew I was in good luck when I spotted a "larger than me" man in one of the rides while I was in line.

Also, and the basis for this post, I ate dinner at a restaurant in one of DisneyWorld's resorts. The theme of the restuarant was very laid back, very geared for kids and very cute actually. Waiters and waitress would yell across the room at each other, they'd play games with the diners and their children. I give the reastaurant a very high review also because the food was excellent.

In reference to the cuteness of the restaurant, a little girl was celebrating her birthday. The servers all came over with chocolate cake, did a cute bit and left. The chocolate cake looked amazing. My aunt thought so too.

Not 3 minutes later she was telling the waitress that it was my birthday in hopes for free chocolate cake.

And not 7 minutes later did our waitress come over to me with a hobby horse and a microphone announcing to the whole restaurant that it was my birthday. Then she demanded that I ride that hobby horse around the restaurant while I sing happy birthday to myself.

I looked at my aunt and wanted to kill her. I don't blame her for wanting the chocolate cake. We all wanted the chocolate cake, but are you kidding me?

I guess the bad karma of lying skipped my aunt and landed on me because not only did I have to ride a hobby horse around the restaurant while singing happy birthday to myself, but no chocolate cake was ever delivered to our table. It was a very sad meal.


Lagos Girls said...

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emily pound said...

boy, did you come to the wrong site, lagos!

Anonymous said...

Miserable ba%$&£€s....could have let you have a choccie cake...mind you, if it's anything like the ones on this side of the pond, might be a leetle bit tooo sickly.