Thursday, September 29, 2005

Oh, So Tiny!

Last week I went to get my nails done. Nothing too eventful happened, until the manicurist, who I swear says mean things to me in a different language to her other peeps in the salon, commented on my hands.

I have little hands. Little, chubby, and I wear a rather large ring size (12.5). And, for some reason, I have tiny nails. My pinkie nail looks like that of a baby. Tiny and little...never thought I'd describe anything on my body like that.

While she was finishing my nails she called some other girls over to look. I thought it was because she had done such a good job. I've been going to her for about a year and have always enjoyed her work, but then all the girls started laughing and, in a thick Vietnamese accent, said:

"So tiny! Like baby hands! Chubby, little baby hands!"

I'm 20-something years old. I really don't think my hands look like that of a child's, but they couldn't get enough of it.

This brought me back to another time when I was getting a pedicure there. The pedicurist, (is that a real word?), told me that my legs, (which have a lovely shape I must admit), are like pillows!? I don't really understand what she meant, but I'm thinking that she meant that my calves are fat and therefore, like a pillow, nice and plump.

I'm wondering if I should switch places. I feel really uncomfortable there now. I don't really go there to get feedback on how pillow-like my legs are or how "little/chubby" my hands are. I know they're making fun of me and I know it's because I'm fat.


clubber1970 said...

Ugh! How ignorant and disrespectful is that!? I would go to another place. You don't need that from anyone, especially from those that are being PAID by YOU for their services! AGH!!!!

Anonymous said...

I'd stop going there and find a new place with a hipper staff. You're paying for a service and deserve your money's worth.

PastaQueen said...

I actually have the inverse problem. I'm fat, but for some reason my fingers are pretty skinny. In high school when we were getting class rings people would be really surprised by my ring size. You could tell they were thinking "Wow, you have really skinny fingers - for a fat chick."

I say find a new manicurist. When you go to a beauty salon you should leave feeling better about yourself, not worse.

Tim said...

I say go to another place, one where English is the first language.

Michelle said...

This reminds me of the Seinfeld episode where Elaine thinks the women at the nail salon are talking about her so she brings in George's dad to translate because he knows Korean. And yes, they were talking smack about her. So she gives them tickets to a Broadway show starring Bette Midler but Bette can't perform because George beaned her during a charity softball game so the understudy performs in her place and she sucks and the Korean manicurists get mad at Elaine all over again.

So I think your choice is clear, don't you?

jayocean said...

michelle, I love a girl that can put a seinfeld reference to anything! And, in addition, replay the entire episode (minus George's fathers ex love affair with the manicurist, lol)
My opinion (as a fat guy) would be to keep going there, if only for the potential stories you can tell us. But you would have to one-up them to get back at them for making fun of you.
By the way, fantastic blog, yours is the only one I actually come back to check.

Michelle said...

I have a theory that everything that happens in life has a counterpart in a Seinfeld episode. So far, I have yet to be proven wrong.

Anonymous said...

honestly, they're not doing it to be fucked up... in Vietnamese culture to make comments about someone's appearance is to show you care.

there was a great article in allure last month about a woman going to a vietnamese tailor who used to tell her she was fat every week and she was like a 10... she would say "exCUSE me?" in response and the tailor lady would say "no, it's true, bring me the book... your waist was four centimetres smaller last time you were here."

jae said...

That is exactly why I don't go to those nail salons. I got so tired of them talking to each other knowing I don't understand. I find it so rude. I agree that you should go somewere that makes you feel wonderful. ~j PS. I like your blog, it's really fun to read!

K said...

I have little squishy hands with tiny nails too, and have also been told more than once that they are chubby little baby hands. And I'm a size 12. I think people really don't consider "chubby" to be an insult where hands are concerned. (They also feel free to grab said tiny hands and maul them about. Grrr.)

Then again, the "pillows" comment sounds distinctly out of line. I would definitely go to another place for that. Not that I've ever had a pedicure, or even a manicure, but if I did.

Undine's Soul said...

Don't give those rude people your money, honey!

I have GIGANTIC hands, like an ape! They are bigger than my boyfriend’s hands. I can’t get my nails done, because I work with my hands. So basically, I have man hands. I would love to have cute, chubby, manicured baby hands….you lucky girl.

MoDigli said...

I say SWITCH! Those crazy ladies have been sniffing too much of that fake nail liquid (what is that called?) and they are too HIGH to realize that they are insulting their bread & butter.

Half the reason we all go to those places is to pamper ourselves and make ourselves feel good, pretty, etc. Who needs to be insulted and made to feel BAD during that? Bah!

Destiny said...

Maybe it is the language barrier and pillow is the best word she could think of. Dont feel bad my pedicurist said i have feet like a duck and proceded to yack in chinese wich i interpreted as, "look at this freaks feet, she should be in the circus". My 2 middle toes are webbed, hence duck the feet comment.

Anonymous said...

I stumbled across this blog and I've skipped around reading the posts.

Well, I'm starting to believe that this blog isn't real. Just some thin guys with a brilliant idea to make fun of fat women. And look at all the women believing you. LMAO!