Friday, September 02, 2005

Emily, Come Home

I, Lindsey, started school last week and am in the process of moving (yet again!!!), thus I have not had any time to write a posting. Emily needs to come home NOW! I miss her lots ... most of the time.

I just wanted to give a quick shout out to one of my favorite new TV shows ,"Weeds". I actually don't have TV of any kind, but I Tivo this show at my friends house and I enjoy it every week. It's about a single suburban mom who sells pot to sustain herself and her family. Why am I mentioning this on a blog about 2 fat girls? Well, this weeks episode used two of my favorite fat slang words: Fatty McFat AND Skinny-Fat! I nearly yelped when I heard it!

Skinny-Fat is a term to describe a fat person stuck in a skinny body. We used to tease our friend Laura and call her a skinny-fat. I believe that I can revoke Laura's use of the term. Honestly, she's just skinny. And no, that's not a compliment in our book.


Anonymous said...

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mainja said...

good god. comment spam everywhere on blogger.

i have to say, at this point i'm glad i switched to haloscan commenting.

one of the blogs i read has clicked on that option so that you have to type out the letters in a picture to prove you're a person not a bot.

i don't know, the whol blog spam thing is crazy!

DK said...

Yes, Emily come home! Lindsey dosn't update enough!! ;) I find myself "stalking" this blog. Coming in a couple times a day in hopes of a new post....*sigh*

hopefulloser said...

I'm with you DK. I do the very same thing!

Damn these girls ;-)