Friday, September 16, 2005

New Study: Chocolate Induces Amnesia

Everyday around the same time I get up from my desk and go get the mail which is in the office basement. Yesterday was like no other. I got up from my desk, grabbed the key and started to walk down my long office hallway to the elevators. But, on my way down the hallway, like being struck my lighting, I had an idea...I wanted a 3 Musketeers Candy Bar.

I thought about this chocolate bar all the way down the hallway, while waiting for the elevator, while in the elevator and finally, when I reached the office building's cafe. I was psyched. A whole chocolate bar all for me. I paid Jesse, the nice man behind the counter, and left promptly to eat my glorious chocolate.

As I stepped out of the cafe I viciously opened up the wrapper and started munching down, pressed the button for the elevator and hopped on. While devouring my chocolate, I reached my floor, got off and walked back into my office, mouth filled with milk chocolate and nougat. I was in heaven.

And then my boss asked me where the mail was.


emily pound said...

The other day when I was going home from work, I had an overpowering craving for a Cinnabon. And, fortuitously enough, a Cinnabon stand opened up at subway station on my way. As soon as the train pulled in and I was off, I made for that Cinnabon stand like a woman on a mission ... and on a mission I was. Oh my God I LOVE THOSE THINGS!!!! The icing is so incredibly good, and the rolls come apart so beautifully and the dough is so soft and sugary ...

Hmmm, it's almost time to go home.

Anonymous said...

Is this your new fattest moment, or is the guys from the pizza place remembering you still your fattest?

Genevieve said...

I'm laughing so hard.. crikey!

Sounds so like something I'd do. My passion is tatertots. Mmmmm tatertots. Gah!

Anonymous said...

i always get cravings for twixes. usually everyday between 11 an 1.30 - me and my best friend really have a thing for them. so i can relate...although i don't usually get that distracted by them.