Saturday, August 27, 2005

Of Titanic Proportions

I, Emily, am leaving for a cruise and will not be back for 11 whole days. I'm a little nervous.

1. I don't like flying. It's so incredibly uncomfortable and the seat belt barely fits. I fear that soon I'm going to have to get one of those extender things.

2. Wearing a BATHING SUIT! I figure this is a cruise, and cruises are filled with fat people, so hopefully, I'll be just a medium fatty there.

3. Practically non-stop eating. My research has proven that there is a midnight chocolate buffet. And at one special dinner, you can have two lobster tails. I'm just a bit nervous about that...the non-stop eating. Kid=Me, Candystore=Cruise Buffets. Me in a Candystore is 100% sick the entire time.

4. Going with family, who are all overweight, except my cousin's wife, creeps me out a bit because it's like we're the fat family. "Emily Fat. Nice to meet you."

So, hopefully I'll come back with hilarious tales about how I made the ship tilt by jumping or how I lined my purse with ziploc baggies so I could load up at the buffets.


Tim said...

Have fun and you WILL gain weight, I did and I barely ate anything. I'm a little confused by what you said though. You've mentioned that being with lots of skinny people makes you feel insecure and self-conscious but being surrounded by your fat family makes you feel creepy? Is there any pleasing you? Just curious.

Anonymous said...

I am sorry I will have to wait to read your thoughts. I find your writing a delight. One of these days I want to share "My Fat Diary" with you.
Have a great trip. Try everything and have seconds.

mainja said...

i hear ya on the flying thing. i find if i'm on a charter i need a seat belt extender, if i'm on a 'real' airline i don't.

but honestly, they've always been nice about it, no one has ever sneered or anything.

of course, it's still humiliating, but it's easy to get over within the first little bit of the flight 'cause everyone's forgotten (but you of course)

Anonymous said...

Fear not! I went on a cruise with my sister (super thin) and two close friends (also pretty little) and it was fine. The mix of sizes is all ok and I never even got into a swim suit, the pool is sea water and too cold!

Have a great time.

PS I didn't gain on mine cause there is a lot of yummy good food too.

gaby said...

Hey, will miss you!

When you get back, or if other fans of yours reading this would like to check it out, I've started a blog:

please check it out if you're so inclined

GoBetty said...

LOTS of fatties on cruises. ALL ABOARD. Hope you had a great time. No need for a bathing suit - the pools are tiny and laden with Legionnaires diease and screaming children and are best avoided altogether.