Thursday, August 25, 2005

Preparation: A Dance

Lindsey says I do an excellent job, but I feel she is far superior to me. She takes her time, gets things set up in perfect order, and has precise execution. It's a dance if you ask me. Preparing our food is a time honored tradition. I'm not talking about the actually preparation of the food, the cooking, the cleaning...I'm talking about preparation after the preparation.

Take sushi for example. Sushi takes a lot of preparation because the ratio of food to sides is high. Sushi has the soy sauce, the eel sauce, the incredibly amazing spicy mayo and the ginger. Each of these sides must take their place in an assembly line of goodness. Same goes with any feast that includes sauces. Sauces are of most importance. Fries, sandwiches, salads, etc., all need sauces, different sauces, combined sauces, sauces, sauces, sauces. Some sauces are dressings, some are dipping, but all are sauces and all make or break a meal.

A list of Sauces

Bleu Cheese
Sweet and Sour
Gourmet (such as pesto mayo, sun dried tomato, etc.)
Tarter Sauce
Melted Butter
And a mixture of any of the above
This is only the top of the iceberg

So, once Lindsey and I pick up our meal from the restaurant and are home, safe and sound, the preparation begins.

The essentials:

  • Eating Tray (this is any hard surface that easily fits on your lap to make a table)
  • Napkins (very important as I haven't eaten one meal in my life without something dripping on my breast shelf)
  • Drinks (drinks are just as important as the meal itself. The wrong combination is deadly, We usually stick to Coke)
  • Utensils (can't eat without them...well, I've tried and it's just not pretty)
  • Proper Sauce Containers (anything that will accommodate your sauces without having them touch and commingle, unless wanted)
  • TV

With these essentials, you are bound to have a good eating experience.

Lindsey really does a great job with the sushi prep. She combines the right amount of wasabi with the perfect amount of soy sauce. It's as if she went to The Julliard School to learn such moves. I'm pretty good myself, and I'm a pretty slow eater, so I can keep things rather organized. Lindsey doesn't like that I'm such a slow eater, but I figure if I'm going to do it, I'm going to do it right.

In conclusion, it's important to say that while the preparation after the preparation is important, the best preparation is having Lindsey by my side. Aww...


Anonymous said...

Sauces ROCK!!
Your list is lovely but I must have hot sauce!!

gaby said...

I'm probably the only person who loves french fries WITHOUT ketchup ... just salt. Mmmm. Don't want anything to detract from that potato taste.

I LOVE pesto sauce though. God its good. Give me some pesto linguine with grilled chicken and I'm a happy woman.

Ducky said...


Oooooh, yeah.

Izzy said...

This Mexican restaurant by my house has the most godly of all sauces -- it's a green hot sauce that somehow tastes like guacamole.

I'm also a big fan of A-1, I have been known to drink it straight from the bottle.

sushibutt said...

i started going to this chinese buffet place that has sushi. so now i can throw some raw garlic in the soy-wasabi elixir...

Anonymous said...

Ranch, a haiku:

Ranch, you are so good
So very very very good
yum. yum yum yum. yum.

that is all

GoBetty said...


Anonymous said...

I have a cousin who shares all the passions you do.

This site will be a perfect fit for him. He will finally be able to find a place of Chi and Zen.

Power to Fat people!