Monday, August 01, 2005

An Open Letter To Ms. Lane Bryant

Dear Ms. Byrant,

First, I think you're great. You've given me the opportunity to buy fabulous, sexy bras and panties that actually fit. For that, I thank you. But, that's not why I'm writing to you today. What I want to tell you, or more explain to you, is that not all fat girls are 5'2", and ten feet wide. I don't know who is designing your clothes, but I have some suggestions that I think you should take into consideration.

1. Colors. Lindsey recently went into a Lane Bryant to find some new "tops". But, what she didn't expect to find was that the store was devoid of black clothes. Such colors as Banana, Melon, Hot Pink, Aqua Marine and so on were widely available. Lindsey went up to the nice saleswoman and asked if they had a certain top in black and the woman replied, "Oh no, we like to keep our big girls bright and beautiful." This is understandable. I understand that some women want to stand out amongst the crowd, but Lindsey and I don't.

If possible, we would choose to wear camouflage, blending in with the scenery and making it through our day without really being seen, only a pretty floating head making its way down the street.

2. Patterns. Unless it's to camouflage like I mentioned above, patterns are not a good way to go. Flowers especially. I'm 25 years old. I don't need to wear things with flowers on them. I'll reserve that for the 6 year olds I see. I've many-a-time seen a shirt I would actually wear, but am not allowed to buy it because the pocket has a embroidered flower on it. Save your time Ms. Bryant, because I'm not buying it.

3. Sizing. I'm fat. But, I'm not deformed. I have a normal body shape, it's just larger. What I don't understand about fat girl clothing is the sizing. The pants are always tapered, creating an unflattering, ice cream cone shape. I love ice cream cones, especially the ones that are dipped in chocolate, but I don't want to look like one. The shirts are always 3/4 length sleeves, too wide and never long enough. When your shirt isn't long enough it leads to a visible front butt, and no one wants to see that. Lengthen and Take-In. I cannot emphasize that more. I'm speaking for fat girls worldwide, and what should not be too wide are the shirts. Take them in.

Otherwise, keep up the good work in keeping us fatties clothed.

Your Customer,


PS. Why do you refer to shirts as "tops" and pants as "bottoms"?


Anonymous said...


Anonymous said...

Flowers, no. You're so right about that.
I do, however, like to see a woman's belly in her jeans, so short shirts are fine with me. In fact, there's nothing I dislike more than a fat woman in a 4 ft. long shirt. Looks not flattering.

shiloh said...

i agree with you completely. i weigh just under 200lbs, am 5'8" and really don't feel like showing my belly off to the world. i have big boobs that pull my shirts up even higher then they would be otherwise. i was ecstatic once those super long tanks and tees became popular because i finally could find shirts that covered me properly.

guardianwolf01 said...

I just got an e-mail about this site.It's a great site I love large women my mate is a large woman and I love her very much and I make sure she knows this very well.But on your Lane brtant issue, Why do they use skinny flat tummied women to model their clothes they sell clothes for large women not all large women have flat tummies. but love the site keep up the great work.

Anonymous said...

It's much better than it used to be! I was 5'7 and over 200 pounds by 5th grade (this was the late 1970s) and they used to think we kept getting taller as we got larger! Even though I was tall, there were times that my jeans and pants had to have six to eight inches cut off before they were hemmed! Also, everything in my size was navy blue, burgundy and black. If there was a lot of variety, there was also dark green. Woot!

You might try Morbid (the larger size Hot Topic). Not all their stuff is 'extreme goth' looking and you can find stuff that isn't lime and pink with flowers. I think their regular prices are a bit much, but the sale stuff seems to be priced right. I'm about 15 years older than you guys, but even I find stuff I like there (I look way young for my age).

I'm no longer a larger person, but I was for almost my whole life and I found that I really had to find certain brands that fit my body. Even when I was almost 300 pounds (back in 1997) I still had a waist that was 8 inches smaller than my waist and bust measurement and so many brands seemed to think after a certain size we'd turn into apples or something so I'd end up with waists were way to big and hips that barely fit! (Actually, I still have that problem in the single digit size I've been for the past 7 years!).

Anyway-- Stay happy and healthy! I happened to lose weight but it's not the magic key to happiness! I don't think I'm any happier now than before (I still take just as much Effoxor as I did back then!). I still am with the same guy who loved me when I was big and he still loves me now. I admit, shopping for clothes is a lot more fun, and getting all the attention as you lose weight is amazing, but once you've kept it off for a while no one notices anymore and you're still the same you.

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Anonymous said...

I totally get the pants thing!!!!
I try to find stylish jeans with a slight flare on the bottom that is up to date as well as slimming, everything (including capris) are tapered....makes a big girl's butt look like the size of a weather balloon!
Also, tho, when I go into a "regular" shop, the pants are cut so low, that everything is straining to overflow the belt, making me both uncomfortable and showing too much...

Jess said...

Lane Bryant has hideous clothing. My friend shops there occasionally, and I hate the fact that she has to, so I like to go to Torrid with her (despite the fact that it's in another city) whenever I can.

I myself am an awkward size, where I can't always find what I wear at the 'normal girl store' but I can't find what I wear at the plus size stores, either. I'm too small for those. I wish they made an in-betweener store. :/

Anonymous said...

not just black, but true and beautiful navy with a suit that looks good and shirts that are 33 inches long for tall women, etc. More in cotton not polyester only. More deep lavendar, deep forest green and colors that help women who love autumn and winter, rich browns and deep golds, not pinky silly young girls stuff. How about classic styles, like plaid shirts that thin women wear and couderry that is squared off and thin waled in rich colors. More pants with elastic but cottons and cords. etc.

Anonymous said...

i know what you mean with the fat pants thing! theyre really unflattering and make everyone look so old.
im hardly one to complain (im a size 2-4) but im still with you on the pants thing

Zaleya said...

Hi, I don't know if you read comments from old posts but I wanted to say, I have eliminated front butts forever. I only wear tunics from Zaftique is dark colors and they are flattering cut and do down 2 or 3 inches past my crotch. I reccomend there sweetheart tunic and swing top, very flattering on my giant tummy. Worth their weight in gold.

Anonymous said...

Ran across this while shopping for my wife. What can I say, when my friends ask me what I like in a woman I tell them to look at a lane bryant mailer. Meaty bones are sexy and anyone who doesn't agree doesn't want a real woman.
Somehow it seems to me that this type of woman is more outgoing, fun to be with, interesting, warm, loving, compassionate. And an absolute lover in bed.
I totaly agree with what you are saying though. It's like they want to project some sort of bright and bubbly persona with their wardrobe.

CHECK OUT TORRID! They do more darker colors. They cater more twards the music lovers but offer a lot of cool clothing without being abnoxious as say, Hot Topic or something similar.